Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thank you!

It's been two weeks since A Song For You, Book Two in The Lake Series released, and sales have been great! I just wanted to thank everyone who's purchased the book, posted about it on your social networks/blog or told a friend about it. I appreciate your support!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Wine with Writers - Atlanta

Last night I attended an event called Wine with Writers held at a cute little place in East Point, GA called the Windmill Arts Center.

When the affair was announced, I got my tickets early, because I was determined to meet Nia Forrester, my favorite indie author. Nia served as a panelist along with Rae Lamar, Jacinta HowardLily Java, Tasha L. Harrison and DL White, and I was not disappointed.

The panel answered questions posed by the moderator and the audience of about 100 readers on everything from diversity in romance to the life of an independent author to the inclusion of current events affecting black people in their writing. The spirited and often comical discussion gave the guests insight into the personalities of our favorite authors, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Being an indie author myself, most of what these women shared was not new to me, but hearing them talk about their experience in this burgeoning segment of the publishing industry encouraged me and boosted my respect for my peers, if that's possible. The industry has gone through a radical change in the last ten years. Contrary to what the naysayers insist on believing, independent publishing has risen from the ugly stepchild of the past to an increasingly respected arm of the business. I found it refreshing to listen to women who were not content to sit around for years and wait to be "chosen" by a traditional publisher. They have been brave enough to get their work directly into the hands of readers, and they are adored by their fans.

The wine, cheese, fruit and chocolate were just an added benefit. 

I just want to say thank you to all of these ladies for making themselves available. It was wonderful!

Monday, March 5, 2018

New Release Showcase!

I am pleased to be able to showcase the upcoming release from Unoma Osiegbu-Nwankwor, entitled To Live Again

What happens when one is so obsessed by past pain that they become shackled by its invisible grip? That is the story of the heroine of To Live Again, Itohan Adolo.

The devastation of Itohan Adolo’s tragic love story creates an anger at the world and distance from her faith. That is until Osaro Ikimi comes along. Although he wasn’t looking for love, he wasn’t one to let an opportunity pass him by.

Just when the couple tried to give love a chance. the opportunity for revenge against her ex falls in Itohan’s lap. Unable to let the opportunity go, she sets a plan in motion. However, the satisfaction she feels is short lived when she discovers that the plan will also destroy the new love she’s just realized she can’t live without.

Love isn’t supposed to keep records of wrong but that’s easier said than done. Will they lean on their faith to heal the damage or are somethings just beyond repair?


“Now I see where you came up with your outlandish assumption.”

His voice caused her to stop digging in her purse for her keys and returned her gaze to him.

“May I?” He gestured toward the drawing.

She nodded, and he removed the tack that held it to the corkboard. She watched as he sauntered toward her. He stood before her. Any closer and his body would touch hers. She moved back, but he moved closer, until she was backed up against the Smart Board. Itohan decided right there and then, she was having a heart attack.

He stared down at her and she accepted his challenge holding his gaze. A vision of him taking her to the morgue because she’d died under the intensity of his gaze flashed through her mind. That could not and would not be her portion, so taking him on wasn’t in her best interest. He was testing her, and she was bound to lose. She should be running and not entering the ring with him. Warning alarms went off in her head. This was a dangerous game, so she gave in. With nowhere else to go, she stepped aside.

“Did that feel like I play for the other team?”

She was stuck. When she told her brother the story, he told her she had inadvertently questioned Osaro’s manhood. Right now, he was trying to prove a point and with the way her breath caught in her chest, he had accomplished his goal.

He bent down, putting his ear at the level of her mouth. “I didn’t hear you, Ms. Adolo.” His tone demanded an answer.

“No,” she whispered.

© Unoma Nwankwor 2018

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Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma Nwankwor is an international bestselling, award winning author of several fiction titles, and a champion of purpose. She is the recipient of the Nigerian Writers’ Award 2015 for Best Faith Based Fiction Writer. At the end of 2016, she was short listed for the Diaspora Writer of the Year. She was also recently named as one of the “100 Most Influential Nigerian Writers Under 40”

When she's not writing fiction, she is passionate about empowering Christianprenuers to remain anchored in hope through the darkness of uncertainty by building confident expectations in the promises of God. She’s the host of the Anchor Talk Podcast, the COO of KevStel Group LLC and Founder of Living A Life of Expectancy. 

Unoma resides in Atlanta with her husband and two children

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Want to know more about Unoma and her other works of fictions? Here is where you can find her.

Instagram: @unwankwor
Twitter: @unwankwor

Monday, February 26, 2018

A SONG FOR YOU is live on Amazon!

It’s Release Day for A SONG FOR YOU, Book Two in The Lake Series! #Romance  #SmallTown  #Music

Coming soon to Nook and paperback

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New Release Showcase

Today I am pleased to share the new release from author Shani Greene-Dowdell that's available now for pre-order.

Shani Greene-Dowdell is a wife, mother of three, grandmother to two awesome tots, and has worked 18 years as a medical transcriptionist. Shani enjoys weaving words of romantic fiction and suspense and has written her way into a new reality as a full-time writer. It all started with a Black Expressions subscription back in 2004. Shani burst open the first shipment like it was Christmas Eve and soaked in the soulful and riveting stories of Kimberla Lawson, Eric Jerome Dickey, Carl Weber, Zane, Darrien Lee, and too many other greats to name. Inside of great storylines is where her zest for storytelling was born. She completed her first book, Keepin’ It Tight, and self-published it in 2007. To date, Shani has 20 books to her credit in Interracial Romance, Erotica, and Urban genres. 


When I was in high school, I had a full-blown affair with Lyle Walker. It was novice and innocent but turned out to be one sided.
By ruining her, I became undone. When Nate asked me why Pamelon was following me around in the senior year, I should have punched him in the face.

Somewhere deep inside, I felt he loved me.
It was a sad existence to love her not have the nerve to tell her.
There was something in his eyes, that told me he wasn’t ready to share it with the world.
I was worried what everyone would say, especially my parents.
None of that matters now.
He was boy Lyle Walker, not the full-blooded man that I am today.
Now, as I’m faced with his proposition for a week of my time in exchange for a bank loan, I know our love is lost and cannot be earned again.
I’m ready to do whatever it takes to earn my woman back, including opening the vaults to my bank and my heart.

From Shani Greene-Dowdell, the author of the highly acclaimed
Breathless: In Love with an Alpha Billionaire series, comes a fiery, heartfelt novel about a woman trying to fulfill her promise to her father who died of cancer, who finds out the CEO of the only bank in town willing to finance her dream is the man who shattered her heart so long ago.

You can find Shani Greene-Dowdell at her website: or email her anytime to chat books at

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Status update

A Song For You went to my editor on Friday. If all goes well, I'm hoping for a February 26th release date.

In the meantime, I am working on putting together a promotion plan, contacting book bloggers, booking paid advertisements, setting up a blog tour, and planning my first Facebook release party, which should be a whole lot of fun. I have Here is the link to the event page.

Once I get the schedule in order, I'll post it here so if you want to follow me you can. Thanks for your support!