Sunday, July 31, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday Excerpt #4

Good Sunday morning everyone!

Here we are at another Six Sentence Sunday, so I'll continue to share excerpts from Chapter One of my upcoming release. I am really excited about this book, since it's the first published of the four faith-based novels I've written.

Again, here's what the story is about:
Rick Gardner never intended to visit one of Atlanta’s premiere strip clubs, but his fellow attorneys choose that venue to celebrate his latest courtroom victory. A born again Christian, Rick knows Dreamland is the last place he belongs. Still, he’s confident he can withstand the temptation. Until the beautiful woman sent to entertain them walks in … 

What Shanice said about the no touching rule eased my fears a little. But in spite of what I had seen tonight, visions of drunk, sweaty men pawing at me made me want to throw up. Yet I was still considering the opportunity to increase my loan collateral.

Doubts about my ability to turn myself into a sexy vixen warred against my desire to be an independent business owner. Granted, I loved to dance, but never had I performed for a man with the intention of turning him on. Even the idea of learning the skill in front of other women freaked me out. The thought of Deion laughing uncontrollably as I convulsed around the platform like Elaine on Seinfeld put knots in my stomach.

I Can't Get Next to You 
by Chicki Brown
Coming to Kindle and Nook
August 15, 2011