Sunday, July 10, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's a short blurb:

Rick Gardner never intended to visit one of Atlanta’s premiere strip clubs, but his fellow attorneys choose that venue to celebrate his latest courtroom victory. A born again Christian, Rick knows Dreamland is the last place he belongs. Still, he’s confident he can withstand the temptation. Until the beautiful woman sent to entertain them walks in … 
Any black woman worth her salt will tell you, no matter what dire financial circumstances she finds herself in; she’ll never slash hair salon visits from her budget. Even though I kept my hair short, keeping it trimmed and conditioned held the same importance as buying groceries -- so at least twice a month I visited the crowded salon and waited my turn.

“What do you think of this do?” the woman next to me asked, holding up a copy of Black Hair magazine while I thumbed through a battered copy of Upscale one Saturday afternoon.

The photo showed a partially upswept style. Black hair cascaded across the model’s shoulders, while platinum strands swooped down over one eye.

You can read Chapter One of the story here:

Keep an eye out for I Can't Get Next to You
coming in August on Kindle and Nook!


PatriciaW said...

Now that's a hook!

Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

I like the cover! Glad to see that Rick's story will get to be read by many!! Looking forward to it!

Chicki said...

I'm glad you like the cover, Sharon, but that isn't the final. It's too dark and the title doesn't show up well. We're working on something a bit bolder.

Scott said...

This could't be one of your first books that you tossed aside-tell me I'm wrong because this one draws you in, and you must read more. It certainly sounds like one that I would like to read. I want to see how the lawyers fizzle this one.

Chicki said...

No, Scott. This is one I wrote recently. Check out the video trailer for the book. There's a link on today's blog post.