Sunday, July 24, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Here's today's Six Sentence Sunday excerpt for my August release, I Can't Get Next to You:
You can watch the video trailer on YouTube here.

As the bass thumped, Shanice appeared wearing a two-piece outfit that strategically covered the important parts. As she started to move, several of the men switched from their bar stools to tables located closer to the stage. Way more curvaceous without her clothes than she had appeared fully dressed, Shanice knew how to appeal to her audience. I was enthralled by the power she seemed to have over the men. Mesmerized, they took out their wallets and waved bills in her direction as she crawled toward them in a slow, cat-like move. One by one they used their only opportunity to touch her by tucking the bills into her top or bottom. My eyes immediately went to the wedding bands two of them wore, and I wondered if their wives knew where they were or had any idea how much of the household money they were giving away.

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