Friday, October 21, 2011

Fun Friday!

I'm at a loss for blog topics, so I've decided to re-run some of the entries from my old blog over at Webs.

This is one I posted back in 2007. It originally camed from author Jennifer Shirk and it's entitled, "Celebrity Hairstyles I've Worn."

I'll start it chronological order with the style I like to call the "Early Oprah." Almost every little black girl wore the braids with bangs in the fifties.
A few years later, the bangs and ponytail look dominated the early 1960's -- the Sandra Dee "Gidget" look.

In the mid-sixties, most black girls tried to emulate the Motown stars. I copied one of my favorite styles from singer Mary Wells. This is how I wore my hair to the senior prom.


In the late sixties, we did our best to imitate the sleeker styles, ala Diana Ross. Lady's Di is on the right with the big curl on her cheek.

By the late sixties, we got militant and proud. For a few years I sported a huge fro like activist Angela Davis.

Jump to the eighties, when I tried to get glam for a few months and look like Ms. Ross again -- with much artificial assistance, mind you!

When the nineties rolled around, I was completely enamored with Queen Oprah and wore this style for years.

Actually, I'm still partial to this style, and I'm basically still there. Ms. O is back to the big hair now,

but I'm not going there with her ...

What celebrity hairstyles have you worn over the years?

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