Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Friday!

I know. I am a horrible blogger, but since I started working on my new work in progress, the blog ideas just haven't been coming. This is one I had in the "archives" waiting until I found all of the pictures.

If you've ever visited my website, you've seen this photo of me taken when my father brought home our first television.

(Check out that wallpaper in my parents' first apartment. Lord, have mercy!)

I don’t exactly remember when my father brought our very first TV home (1952/1953?), but as the photo above testifies, I was completely enamored with the walnut-encased floor model. And I must admit, sometimes I still am.

My favorite shows when I was little were Kukla, Fran & Ollie, Lassie, the Ed Sullivan Show, Howdy Doody and Superman.

At that time, there were NO black people on television, with the exception of Rochester and Amos & Andy, characters I'd rather not remember.

As the years went on, I became an avid fan of both dramas, variety shows, and comedies. I’ll never forget when Nat King Cole debuted on the air, I remember my mother and grandmother almost having a conniption. The first black person to have his own TV show!

He opened the doors for the Flip Wilson Show and In Living Color. Years later, Diahann Carroll appeared on the screen as Julia, the first sitcom featuring a black woman that wasn't a maid.

Julia had an adorable child and lived a normal life with a normal job. That show paved the way for Cosby and Living Single.

As a pre-teen, one of my favorite pastimes on Saturday was watching Chiller Theater with "the cool ghoul," John Zacherly as host.

I think watching Chiller Theater, Creature Features, and monster flicks like Rodan and Godzilla developed my love for the offbeat and slightly gory and is the reason why I can’t get enough of True Blood today.

True Blood Cast Pic
Okay, now that you know how old I am, next week I'll share my current TV addictions with you.


Jackie H.a said...

Love that photo of you:) Adorable!

Regina Duke said...

What an adorable baby picture! I grew up loving TV also. And gee, we lived in at least one house with that very same wallpaper! LOL

Happy Friday, Chicki! I'm writing as well, but wanted to check in and say hi.

Chicki said...

Thanks, Jackie! Back in the day, little girls always wore dresses. :)

Regina, it's a wonder I wasn't permanently scarred from looking at that wallpaper! Glad to hear you're writing again too. Thanks for dropping by.

Zee Monodee said...

What a cute pic of you!

Lol, you do realize that aside from True Blood, I have no clue about the shows you're talking about, right? And, uhm, where's Alcide in that picture???


Chicki said...

Well, Zee, as they say, you weren't even a twinkle in your parents' eye yet when these shows were around! ROTFL!

Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

Fun blog! ...and that wallpaper looks familiar! Lol!

Sandy Nachlinger said...

What a cute photo ... though I have to agree with you on the wallpaper! I liked the same shows you did, but the Mickey Mouse Club was my hands-down favorite in elementary school years. I wanted to be Annette.

Miss Crystal said...
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Chicki said...

Sandy, I don't know how I forgot that one! We all wanted to be Annette ...