Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Friday

These days when you hear people talking about hybrids, you automatically assume they're talking about cars. Today I want to talk about a hybrid of a different kind. As a romance author, I am always running across Facebook posts and blog entries discussing heroes. Many times, these posts display pictures of the writer's idea of the perfect hero. I've discovered that, depending on the race of the author, the hero of choice usually falls into one of two groups - either the blonde-haired surfer boy type like Brad Pitt

or the dark-skinned African warrior type like Djimon Hounsou.

But my perfect romance hero doesn't fit either category. I love the hybrids, the gorgeous bi-racial, multi-cultural guys that look like neither Jason Lewis nor Idris Elba, although these are two very handsome men.

Jason Lewis Monet Mazur dating    
These are my boys ...

Marcus Patrick

Vin Diesel

Shemar Moore

Dwayne Johnson

Boris Kodjoe

Wentworth Miller

Lenny Kravitz

And even some of the older guys ...

Rick Fox

Mario Van Peebles

Smokey Robinson
(a good looking 70 years old!)

If you want to find out the racial makeup of these hotties above, click here: and


MJKane said...

Boy, Chicki, you looked like you had FUN writing this post! Well, I mean picking the pics for this post!!! LOL...Give me a good looking man of any race, mixed or not, and I'm happy! That is why my stories all have men of various races (women too!) As long as he has a good head on his shoulders, is respectful, and lets the heroine have her way, yet has no problem taking charge when it needs to be done. That's my ideal novel hero.

Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

Mmm mmm I'll take Idris Elba any day!!!

Chicki said...

Of course those attributes are the most important, MJ, but I was just talking about the physical attributes! LOL!

I don't know, Sharon, Idris does absolutely nothing for me, but I know most sisters drool over him. ????

If I could take my pick, I think it would be Dwayne Johnson. He's super big and has a smile that lights up a room.

Raynetta J Stocks said...

I found myself nodding along, Chicki! Every last one of your picks are EXACTLY the kind of hotties I go for! I'm not one of those traditional types either (even though I LOVE me some Dijmon Honsou!) But every sexy "hero" you listed is one of my personal favorites, especially Mr. Vin Diesel. Ooo wee!