Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Author Spotlight - C. Michelle Ramsey

Right now I am under the gun to wrap up Ain't Too Proud to Beg and get it to my editor, and I'm frighteningly behind. So...I've asked some of my writer friends, new and old, to visit and share something about their books. From now until November, you will meet some wonderful people and learn about some fabulous stories.

Today, I am so happy to welcome C. Michelle Ramsey.

C. Michelle Ramsey writes fiction stories that delve into the inner soul of a woman: her deepest secrets; her wildest dreams; and her darkest fears. She has a passion for creating works of art that entertain and take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride.

Ramsey is a native of Atlanta, GA where she currently resides with her husband and three children. She enjoys reading various fiction genres especially mysteries. A passionate NBA fan, she reserves a special place in her heart for the Los Angeles Lakers. “Reflections of Promises” is her first published novel.

She is currently preparing the release of her second novel: “Real Secrets” in the fall of 2012.

Patricia laid her lime green Gucci bag on the table.  Sitting her car keys next to the bag on the table in the foyer, Patricia began to riffle through the stack of letters that she had gotten out of the mailbox.  The fourth letter drew her interest and immediate attention.  Written in a rushed and somehow distantly familiar handwriting, was her name and address and at the top where the return address should have been it was blank.  However, she saw that the postmark was from Atlanta.  She never received any mail from Atlanta here at the house, it was always sent to her Post Office Box, so her curiosity was aroused.  Tossing the other letters down next to her purse, she sat on the chair next to the table and slipped one Orange Opal manicured fingernail under the envelope’s seal to begin opening it.

        It’s been so long and I hate to disturb your new life, but there is a crisis at home and we can no longer manage without you.  I have been able to do this for a while but I can’t keep on.  The Lord is calling me home with Him and I am tired and anxious to be there. I tried to think of other alternatives, but you were my only choice.  I hope this situation doesn’t bring you grief in your new life but we desperately need you here.  Not more money, but we need you.  I’m tired baby.

Your Loving Mama

No!!!!!! This couldn’t be happening, not now.  Jared’s and her marriage was already strained and she had been contemplating a separation.  However, she did not want a divorce but she knew that their marriage could not endure this.  The lies that she had told, the affairs that he had had and coldness she had exerted towards him had done enough devastation.  There was no way that they would endure under this new pressure.  She would call Mama from a phone booth.  Mama didn’t have her number and she didn’t know how she had gotten her address.  Everything to do with home was sent to her P.O. Box that Jared didn’t know about.  If she called home from the house or her cell phone, he would surely see it on the phone bills. He was under the illusion that she no longer had any ties to Atlanta after the death of her grandparents.
Picking up her keys from the table, she stuffed the letter in her handbag and began heading out the door just as Jared pulled up.   Oh God, not now, she thought to herself. 

Sometimes we make choices to avoid drama in life. But what happens when the road we take to avoid it becomes the road that brings us face to face with it? Reflections of Promises is a tale of deception and betrayal that invokes passions deep within from page 1. When foundations are built on untruths, and cover-up, can everything that appears to be solid still stand?


Regina Duke said...

What a lovely excerpt! Nice to meet you, C. Michelle. Your blurb is very intriguing, and I can already relate to the mother/daughter thing going on.

I wish you all the best with your book! Welcome to the indie world.:-)

J.L. Campbell said...

Nice to meet another writer. Wishing all the best for novel sales.
Waves at Chicki.

Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

Regina thank you for the comment and the warm welcome. I truly enjoy writing stories about relationship conflict and healing. I look forward to this journey and the road ahead.

Author C Michelle Ramsey said...

J.L. Thank you for the words of support, truly appreciated. It's nice to meet you as well.