Monday, September 10, 2012

Author Spotlight

The author spotlight is shining on debut author James Fant.

I met James online, and I was so excited to hear about his new release and wanted to feature it here, because I love romances written by men. To give you a little insight into who he is, here's a brief bio:

James is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and currently resides in the South Carolina Low country. He has always possessed a passion for learning and reading, which prompted his undergraduate study in the field of Biology, and later a Master’s in Business Administration. While he is successful in his vocational endeavors and in his desire to meet the needs of others, he has a greater calling to meet the needs of others through print.

His passion for reading has led him to read books from a variety of authors. However, he saw that he needed to address relationship issues and attempt to mend broken bonds with clean language. This set the stage for his first novel An Ode for Orchids. James plans to publish many works that will encourage his readers to analyze and repair their personal relationships. He is a family man with a wife and two children who he dedicated his first publication to and continues to work with them in mind.
Here's a blurb and a short excerpt from An Ode for Orchids:


Geneva Cole was well known for growing orchids, but her most prized orchids weren’t really flowers at all, at least not in the literal sense. Her most prized orchids were her four grand-daughters: Karen, Cicely, and twin sisters Brook and Dawn. And her main goal was to prepare them for life’s challenges.

Brook eventually opens several barbershops/hair salons with her husband Walter; however, she battles with him over their long distance marriage and alleged infidelity. Dawn has a daughter by a drug trafficker named Cory Mack. But she must constantly battle another woman for his affection. The extremely promiscuous Cicely has everything a girl could want: wealth, intelligence, and beauty. Yet for all of her treasures, she ends up lacking in other areas that are most important to her. Finally, Karen battles severe anxiety attacks, loses boyfriend after boyfriend because of her pledge of virginity and has to deal with the intense hatred that Cicely has for her.

An Ode for Orchids is a story about four young women and the challenges that they face, such as making bad choices in men, dealing with infidelity, struggling with promiscuity, and dealing with rejection. But perhaps the most daunting challenge is dealing with the animosity that one woman can have for another woman. Time will reveal whether or not each of them will be strong enough to face the challenges that life will offer them.


Brook entered the shop very early on a Tuesday morning. Miss Mattie was the only person there, as she normally opened the shop.

“You’re here early, boss.”

Brook didn’t respond. She only dropped her bag on the black and white tile floor and plopped herself into the chair next to Miss Mattie’s.

“Well, how was your weekend?”

Brook remained silent. Her eyes were swollen from crying. The skin on her face was so tight that her cheek bones protruded. Her hair was tied into a pony-tail, barely combed down. She looked like a zombie to Miss Mattie who was determined to get her to say something.

“How much more weight are you going to lose? You’re going to fly away soon. You and Dawn don’t even look alike anymore.”

“He’s cheating on me.”


Miss Mattie pulled her comb off of her counter, walked over to Brook, took her pony-tail out and began to comb through her hair.

“Say that again.”

“You heard me. That low life is cheating on me. And I am a fool for not seeing it.”

“How do you know that Walter is cheating? Did you catch him or something?”

Brook began gazing at her wedding ring, playing with it. She wiggled her finger so that the light could hit the diamond and make it sparkle. Then with a sob, she covered it up.

“I don’t feel like a married woman. I don’t live with my husband. I don’t go to bed with my husband every night and I don’t wake up beside him every morning. He used to come up one weekend a month but now even that’s stopped. You can’t be too busy to be a husband.”

Miss Mattie let the comb slowly work out the kinks in Brook’s jet black hair. She said nothing. Instead she listened as Brook began pouring her heart out to her.

“I was tired of it all. I was tired of not having my man with me. I was tired of living alone. I was tired of the rumors that I was hearing.”

Brook’s voice began to crack. She fought the tears away, beginning to be relaxed by Miss Mattie’s soft, motherly touch.

“What rumors?” she asked.

Brook looked at Miss Mattie through the mirror. Her look said it all. If she had not said another word, Miss Mattie knew exactly where her head was. Brook sensed that her eyes were being read by her mother figure. So she closed them tight. She felt that Walter was being unfaithful. That was all Miss Mattie needed to know.

“Brook, do you know who it is?”

Brook’s eyes remained closed. She remained silent.

“Okay. Do you think it’s another woman?”

All Miss Mattie saw was Brook’s eye lids.

“Do you think it’s a man?”

Brook’s eyes popped open.

The books is available on Kindle -  Nook - and Smashwords -

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Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

Wishing you much success, James!

Marian L said...

Good luck, Jim.

Chanta said...

Congratulations, James. We need more inspirational romance. I like the symbolism of the orchids, a flower that comes in many shapes and colors.

Chicki, thanks for sharing this with us! I'm so happy to see a man's point of view represented.

Sylvia said...

Wishing you a lot of success with this book James. Love orchids so you drew me in there. It's also nice to see a man writing romance.


James Fant's Blog said...

Thanks so much, Sharon. Peace and blessings to you!

James Fant's Blog said...

Thanks so much, Marian. My great-grandfather (Pa Pa) called me Jim. When you called me that, it made me think about him. Be blessed.

James Fant's Blog said...

Hi Chanta,
I totally agree. After all, love in and of itself is inspiring. And thank you for picking up on the symbolism of the orchid. It's a beautiful flower, very floriferous, very elegant. But if you touch the petals of the Cymbidium, for instance, you’ll see that it’s very strong, very durable. (by the way, the orchid on the book cover is a Cymbidium).

James Fant's Blog said...

Hi Sylvia,
Orchids are wonderful. They really beautify your surroundings and I really love them as well. I am a hopeful romantic. I believe in true love and long-lasting relationships. I'm a sucker for romance flicks as well. My wife and I just watched "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I love that great love story, the tension, the release. And as far as romance as a genre, I'm hooked.

Chicki said...

You are a fascinating guy, James! Most men could take some lessons from you. LOL! I'm so glad you had a chance to visit my blog and interact with my readers. Wishing you the best with this new release. :)

Regina Duke said...

Chiming in late again! But I really enjoyed your excerpt, James! Good luck with the book!

James Fant's Blog said...

Wow! Thanks so much, Chicki. It is an honor and pleasure to be on your blog. I've enjoyed the comments and feedback.

James Fant's Blog said...

Hi Regina,
I'm glad that you enjoyed the excerpt. You'll really enjoy what happens next. Thanks so much for the best wishes. Peace and blessings to you.

C Michelle Ramsey said...

James I cannot wait to read this book. The excerpt is intriguing and Ms. Mattie and Brook's relationship is demonstrative of the relationships that we as women share with older women. I also commend you on writing romance and taking the approach of healing relationships. It is what we all need. What made you pursue this route in your writing?

James Fant's Blog said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for your comment and question. I honestly didn't choose this route. I was blessed with it. My divinely ordained platform is mending fences, helping others build better relationships through fiction. I want readers to enjoy the book and then be able to pull jewels from it to heal and strenghten their relationships with others. This will be my entire writing carear: entertainment and edification.

I really hope that you enjoy the novel. Please let me know what you thought after you read it. I love feedback.

Cherese Vines said...

Added to my to-read list. Much luck to you.