Monday, October 15, 2012

Author Spotlight - Miss Mae

My special guest today is Miss Mae. Mae is all about romantic mysteries. Said the Spider to the Fly, When the Bough Breaks, Dove Island, It’s Extraordinary, My Dear Winifred and See No Evil, My Pretty Lady are award winning best sellers. Her latest, Catch Me If You Can, and the novellas Miss Penelope’s Letters and Through a Glass Darkly have already received top rated five-star reviews. Tantalizing trailers, and more information, is readily available at her website:

Miss Mae also enjoys writing humor and non-fiction articles. Besides her monthly contributions to the ezine American Chronicle, some of her publications can be found in The Front Porch Magazine, Good Old Days, and WritersWeekly.

She co-mod’s The Sweetest Romance Authors Yahoo Group, a group of romance authors who guarantee their stories adhere to a G-rating. Visit our blog at

Her alter ego, M.M. also has her first children’s/humor book, “The Mishaps of Gum Drop Island” available in digital download at Smashwords and now in print at Amazon.

Blurb for Through a Glass Darkly:
Computer viruses no longer exist, yet Vexen’s medical transport is held hostage by one. The hologram engineered to combat the deadly program develops an identity crisis. An alien intruder is discovered stowed away in the cargo bay. And the evil reptilian Delphan demands immediate surrender of her ship.

Can anything else possibly go wrong?

The hologram didn’t waste any time. It bent over the console, peering intently at the screen to view the virus’ progress. “You’re right. This is one damned monster.”

“When you researched computer viruses, did you find anything similar to this one?” Instantly, she caught what she said and tried to correct herself with, “I mean, when Leland --my husband-- studied those old programs, he…” Her voice trailed off as the hologram’s head turned, mouth spreading in a teasing grin. The hairs at the nape of Vexen’s neck electrified. That’s exactly what Leland would do.

“Just so there won’t be any confusion, I suggest that you recognize I am…” a gaze ran down the length of her body in an all too intimate, and eerily familiar, way, “the same as your husband.”

Vexen blinked. “You are merely a projection.”

“Of necessity I must possess his knowledge.” Returning its attention to the screen, the image added as if in after thought, “And I hold all his memories.”

“If you assume--” Abruptly, Vexen broke off. She’d never met a hologram with personality before and to think that Leland programmed this one with too much of an attitude set her teeth on edge. But the fact remained that the current emergency, and not the irritation of having to deal with a mouthy computer graphic, demanded she keep a cool head. Clearing her throat, she picked the MR off the console. “You’ll need this.”

“Care to attach it on my sleeve?”

She placed it on the left shirt cuff, but both the MR and her fingers slipped through the non-existent fabric. “You aren’t solid.”

“Ah. I see the problem. Minor interference.” Quickly, digits were punched on the keypad. “Now I’m fully downloaded.”

She tried again to attach the MR, but it dropped in a shoulder pocket. Reaching inside, her hands stilled. Beneath her touch, through the material of the covering uniform, she felt the warmth of a rock hard bicep. Her gaze flew upwards. How come the neatly trimmed beard now looked so real that it captured the lighting of the overhead lamps, the curling hairs glistening with a damp-like sheen as if freshly emerged from under a sonic shower?

Before she could move away, strong arms came around her waist, enclosing her in a tender but firm hold. “Vexen, baby, you look kinda pale.” His voice, Leland’s deep, husky tones sighed near her earlobe. “But I’m here, my love. I won’t leave you.”
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Miss Mae said...

Thanks for guesting me today, Chicki. :) It's a pleasure to be here!

Diane Craver said...

Great excerpt, Miss Mae. I loved reading the descriptions and dialogue. Definitely grabbed my attention.

Regina Duke said...

Wow, great excerpt! This sounds terrific! Can't wait to read it. :-)

Morgan Mandel said...

Sonic shower - you have a great imagination!

Morgan Mandel

Miss Mae said...

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much, Diane. :) Glad you came over! :)

Miss Mae said...

Hi Regina,

Thanks so much! I had fun writing it. :)

Miss Mae said...

Hi Morgan,

Why yes, in SF, one can let that imagination go to the "stars". (as it were, LOL)

Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment. :)

Gail Pallotta said...

This sounds like a fun Miss Mae book--a hologram with an attitude.
I've read some of Miss Mae's work, and she's an excellent writer. She keeps the reader turning pages with her twists and turns.

Miss Mae said...

Hi Gail,

I'm so glad you enjoy my books. :)

Thanks for coming by! :)

Cindy A Christiansen said...

Sounds like another great read, Miss Mae. You are awesome!

Sarah J. McNeal said...

Mysteries just seem awful difficult to write so I really admire the authors that can do it. I loved the last few lines of the excerpt. What a sexy man. LOL
I wish you every success, Miss Mae.

Miss Mae said...

Hi Cindy,

Aw, thanks! :) And thank you so much for coming by. :)

Miss Mae said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm so happy to see you here! :) Thanks so much for coming over, and thanks for commenting about my sexy man. :)

Gina said...

What a gripping excerpt, I am totally hooked. Great to read this and I am looking forward to reading this!

Patricia said...

Nice excerpt, Miss Mae. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your writing.

Laurean Brooks said...

Hi, Miss Mae,

I read this book and loved it! Keep whipping out those intriguing tales.

I enjoyed reading the excerpt again. A real attention grabber.

May God continue to bless you and your writing.

Dorcas Graham said...

Nice opening, Miss Mae! I certainly wish you the best!

Anne Patrick said...

Sorry I'm so late posting a comment. Your book sounds awesome. I wish you mega sales and fabulous reviews!

Miss Mae said...

Hi Gina, Patricia, Laurie, Dorcas and Anne! :) Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. So glad you enjoyed the little excerpt. :)