Monday, October 29, 2012

Author spotlight - Paulette Harper

Paulette Harper Johnson, an award winning author, writing coach, and speaker, seeks to inspire women from all walks of life.  As an inspirational and motivational speaker, Paulette’s desire is to empower, influence and cultivate women to move forward while dealing with issues that hinder women from becoming all they are created to be. Her topics are biblically sound and pertinent to the needs of today’s women.  Paulette is a wife, mother, grandmother, Bible teacher, radio host, writer and the owner of WNL Virtual Blog Tours.

Excerpt from Completely Whole

Chapter 9  “Lord, Still I Rise”
“Many evils confront the [consistently] righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all.”  (Psalms 34:19 AMP) 

God creates different roads for each of us; some roads are more difficult to ride. God allows certain people to endure more hardship, perils and sorrows. Though the path might be difficult, this is the way in which God has designed for people to find the results that only come from experiencing the flat tires, wreaks, and blow outs of life. There is a road map that God has that will take people to new journeys and adventures. Getting to this place of new heights will test ability and endurance.

Do you see that you are able to rise above the chaos, mess, and drama? You are unlimited, unrestricted, victorious, and a world over comer. You must choose to live above everything that would capture and ensnare you.  I’ve been in bondage, and it doesn’t feel good. I refuse to return or go back to that place where my feelings, thoughts and actions were dictated, and controlled by others. Where is that place?

That place is called confinement. I was not created to be manipulated and broken. Yet, at times I find myself giving into the pressures that infiltrate my mind. I rise above my situations and circumstances that have come to defeat me and cause me to retreat because of what I face. Through every situation this is my confession… Still I rise.

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Paulette Harper Johnson said...

Thanks Chicki for the spotlight

Sheila Deeth said...

I love that we're "not created to be manipulated." Thank you