Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Work in progress

About two weeks ago I began plotting out my new series featuring a family of six brothers. I already knew what I wanted them to look like. After searching the Internet for days for photos men that looked as if they could be related, I finally came up with my idea of the Stafford family. I posted a collage of their photos on Facebook, and already received some flack, but as I explained to those offended by my choice, these are brothers in the same family. They are not supposed to look like my last hero, whose physical description was more to their liking.

The next thing I needed to do was decide where I wanted the first story set, and I chose Atlanta and Las Vegas. The first book, which will be entitled, A Woman's Worth, features personal trainer and raw vegan Marcus Stafford, the renegade son of this Atlanta-based family of doctors. He now lives in Vegas and hasn't been home to Atlanta in four years because of the friction that exists between him and his father, oncologist Dr. Victor Stafford, Sr.

The story opens with Marcus' reluctant return to Atlanta at the request of his mother to attend a celebration in honor of his oldest brother, Vic's promotion to Chief of Staff of the largest medical center in the A. His return stirs up old conflicts and escalates when Marcus meets his father's beautiful, frail, recovering patient.

Right now I'm still in Chapter One, but if you want to see my ideas of the characters, setting, etc., you can go to my Pinterest page:

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Suzanne White said...

Seems a clever idea for a series as families produce the most weirdos of all. (Does Weirdo take e in the plural?) These brothers are going to give readers a run for their money. A Woman's Worth is never done. ha ha.