Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writer Wednesday - Sneak Peek

I haven't been posting here much, because I am busy working on my summer release, A Woman's Worth, the first in the Stafford Brothers series. Just thought I'd share an unedited excerpt with you.

* * *

Chapter One

Marc Stafford powered down his iPad, flipped up the tray table and latched his seatbelt in obedience to the illuminated sign at the front of the cabin. The passenger seated next to him gave him a curt greeting then reclined his seat and shut his eyes. Appreciating the silence, Marc did the same. He needed the three and a half hours to get his head right before he landed in Atlanta.

The last time he’d been home was for his oldest brother Vic’s wedding nearly four years ago. Now his presence had been requested again at another event in Vic’s honor. Tomorrow the entire Stafford family, including his five brothers and an endless array of friends, assorted relatives and members of his parents’ social circle, would gather to celebrate Vic’s promotion to Chief of Staff of the largest medical center in the southeast. His older brother’s success was something to be celebrated, but the idea of being back among black Atlanta society made his skin crawl. Most of them were probably decent people, but he couldn’t stomach the pretense. It made him want to gag.

The pilot’s welcome speech interrupted Marc’s thoughts. The fact that it was clear and a sunny eighty-five degrees meant nothing to him. The temperature in his parent’s house when he arrived was way more important. His mother always welcomed him with open arms. The arctic breeze would come from his father, a man with lofty expectations that Marc had never been able to meet.

Marc stretched his long legs out as far as the space between the first–class seats would allow and took the rubber band from his ponytail. He rested his head back on the seat, and the moment his eyelids closed, an image of his father’s disapproving look appeared; a look he hadn’t seen in person in years but knew all too well. Even though he was now known as Las Vegas’ celebrity trainer, and the business he’d built from scratch was exploding, Dr. Victor Stafford, Sr. wouldn’t be impressed. He considered Marc’s choice to be a personal trainer and raw foods proponent a ridiculous waste of his son’s life. Too often Marc had heard snide remarks about his making a career of “selling sticks and twigs to tree huggers.” The elder man made no bones about calling Charles, the brother who’d made his entrance into this world a whole three minutes before Marc, the sensible twin.

 And he wonders why I never want to come home.

The seatbelt light went out, and the flight attendants came down the aisle with a cart full of refreshments. He passed on the cookies and pretzels, which he never ate, settled for a bottle of spring water, and powered up his iPad once again. After Marc put in his earbuds, he selected the Relaxation Channel on, closed his eyes and thought about seeing his brothers again, even Vic. After all, it wasn’t Vic’s fault that he held the coveted position of their father’s favorite son among the six boys. But Marc understood that Vic hadn’t chosen his path merely to please their father. He actually loved being a doctor, and he’d become a highly skilled, well-recognized surgeon in his field. Marc thought Vic’s life with his beautiful wife and two kids couldn’t get much better, but now he’d snagged his dream job, and this weekend the entire family was gathering to acknowledge that success.

You can read a second excerpt here:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chicki

I'm looking forward to reading this series!


Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

I like it a lot, Chicki. I found the snide remark from Marc's dad very entertaining - I burst into laughter. Carry on writing.
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Marilyn Callan said...

Hello Chicki !

I just read this teaser for your new book, and, it leaves me wanting to read more! I can not wait until it is done! :-)

Arlena Dean said...

I can't wait Chicki... sound like another good read from you (lol).

Tea norman said...

So far I've enjoyed all of your books. Can't wait to read A Woman's Worth after reading some of the excerpt.