Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Friday: Music for the Muse

Doing something a bit different today. My writing sister, MJ Kane, has a great blog post today about writing and music, so I decided to steal her idea. You can read her post here:

I'm getting ready to write the first major love scene in A WOMAN'S WORTH, and I need the right mood music in order to do it. Myproblem is that very few new songs appeal to my "old school" nature. They're too graphic and not the least bit romance. I want romance not just sex. There are a couple out there now that do the trick though.

This song by Alicia Keys and Maxwell is the perfect background music for this scene. It's one of the sexiest songs out there right now that's not raunchy. Every time I hear it, I think of Marc and Gianna. Sigh...

John Legend gets very close to erotic in Tonight, but I like it.

Writing love scenes is always hard for me, because it's difficult to find the line between sexy and pornographic. :D  When I try too hard to keep from being vulgar, I often go to the other extreme and end up with a watered down unsexy bedroom scene.

Here are two of my favorites from back in the day:


It will probably take me all weekend to write this scene...


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bettye griffin said...

I, too, use music to help me write love scenes...I usually get up early in the morning when all is still and put on the most romantic songs I can think of while my fingers fly over the keyboard, but my real secret weapon? A romantic evening with hubby the night before!