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#Sample Sunday - September 29, 2013

Here's a Sample Sunday excerpt from A Woman's Worth, which has gotten fantastic reviews since it's release on September 3rd.

The story opens with school media specialist Gianne Marvray receiving good news about her health from the doctor. He has also invited her to attend a celebration for his son, who was also her surgeon.

As promised, Stefanie arrived carrying a quilted makeup case. Buying makeup was almost like a fetish for her. Gianne had never seen anyone get as excited over a sale at Ulta Beauty as her best friend. Before she even stepped across the threshold, Stefanie put the case on the floor and drew Gianne into a long, heartfelt hug. “You have no idea how glad I am for you, Gee. I was so scared for a while. And I’m glad you decided to go out tonight. It’s the best thing for you.”
“Thanks. You had my back the whole time, and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Where do you want to do this?”
“Wherever you have the best light,” Stefanie said, picking up the case and closing the door behind her.
The women settled in the bathroom, andGianne placed a folded towel on top of the closed toilet. Stefanie opened the foldout case, and Gianne peered inside amazed at the variety of items inside. “Antoine told me to stick with the golds, bronzes and browns for my eyes and to go dark on the lipstick.”
“Sounds good to me. What I’ll do is try a few colors on your eyes to see how you like them. I can just wipe them off once you choose.” She selected several shades of eye shadow and opened a fresh package of sponge-tipped applicators and placed them on the sink. “Didn’t you tell me that your doctor has six sons?”
“Uh huh. He has a tribe, and I believe they’re all doctors. At least the ones I’ve met are.”
“Impressive.” Stefanie opened the vials. “Close your eyes.”
“Dr. Vic, the oldest one, did my surgery.”
“Oh, well. Scratch him off the list.” She swept the first color onto Gianne’s left eyelid just below her brow.
“There is no list, Stef,” Gianne said, wanting to give her the side eye.
“There’s always a list, even if it’s just a list of men you can’t stand.” Stefanie giggled and added a second color. “But I do recall you saying they were all good looking.”
“They are, but that doesn’t have anything to do with me. Besides, I believe Vic and Jesse are married.”
“And that leaves four more, if I’m not mistaken.” She applied two different shades to Gianne’s right eyelid.
“I am not going there to stake out Dr. Stafford’s sons. The last thing I need right now is a man to complicate my already complicated life, Stef. Besides, anyone who knows my medical history would have to be crazy to want to get involved with me.”
Stefanie popped her in the back of the head. “Don’t ever let me hear you talk like that. You just got a clean bill of health. It’s time to move on, girl.”

“That bill of health is only good until my next exam.”

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Author Spotlight - Robert Stanek

Today author Robert Stanek is sitting in the Author Spotlight. I've been part of his Facebook group for almost two years. He is an incredible author and tireless champion for indie authors. 

Robert is not only the talented author of more than 150 books for adults and children but someone who has been helping other writers ever since his first book was published in 1995.

Back in the early days of the Web, Robert created Writer’s Gallery, Internet Job Center and Internet Daily News to help other writers (archives at These days Robert helps other writers by hosting some terrific writers groups, by blogging about writing-related topics, and through his Read Indie tweets on twitter.

On Facebook, Robert Stanek hosts one of the more popular groups for getting the word out about your promotions and free offerings. It’s called “Free Today” and you’ll find the group at On Twitter, you can tweet using the hashtag #freetoday as another way to spread the word about your promotions and freebies.

Go Indie ( is another terrific group for writers that Robert hosts on Facebook. Go Indie is a group dedicated to promoting indie authors, indie books, and indie booksellers. On Twitter, you can also use hashtag #goindie to spread the word about your books.

On, Robert hosts the Read Indies group. Read Indies helps to provide a platform for writers to discuss their books and writing-related topics. Read Indies is at

Robert also writes the Read Indies Blog ( The blog discusses many important writing-related issues and details many of the challenges indie authors face in gaining mainstream acceptance. Some of the more interesting posts:

Taking Your Work from Print to Film -

Selling Rights to Your Books -

Viewpoints on Rejection Letters -

Understanding Bestseller Lists -

Finding Success as a Writer -

You can learn more about Robert and his books at

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New Cover and New Reviews!

I'm smiling this morning!

A WOMAN'S WORTH has a new cover. Too many people couldn't make out that the cover image was a pearl inside an open claim shell, so I had it redone by the fabulous Pink Cashmere Publishing Solutions: I think it's beautiful!

The book has also received three 5-star reviews! You can read them here:

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Author Spotlight - Angelia Menchan

I have another visitor today, one of my long-time Facebook friends, the amazing Angelia Vernon Menchan

Angelia is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published nineteen books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than sixty Ebook novellas on She is also publishes the work of other authors.  She resides in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband Maurice.

She is here sharing her new release, Zen Cooper: Grown Woman.

Zen Cooper has been gone from Center City for over three years. At age twenty she has earned a degree from Howard University and plans to go home for a short stay before returning to Howard to become an assistant, but there are Zen’s plans and then there is life. Her father Charlie has been away in Africa for three years, seeking wellness and her mother is still mired down in fear and a lack of confidence in who she is. Her grandmother, Willie Mae is determined to control what goes on around her, while unable to control herself. More interesting is the new dancer who has shown up in town with plans of his own, that might include Zen, especially since Zen Cooper is a GROWN WOMAN NOW!

Dressed in tangerine workout clothes Zen appeared in the studio. Cynthia and Jeffrey saw her at the same time. Cynthia grinned at the sight of the young woman who looked so much like her family and Jeffrey’s mouth flew open. She swirled on one foot and bowed at their gawking.

“Hey, Auntie…”

Cynthia hugged her, kissing her forehead. Zen’s eyes slid to Jeffrey who was staring at her, his mouth still ajar.

“Jeffrey, this is my niece, Zen. She’s assisting us. She just completed a double major at Howard. Zen this is Jeffrey Sate, former Alvin Ailey dancer and my friend.” Zen bowed and Jeffrey nodded.

“Are you a mute, Jeffrey … or mesmerized by my cutes?” Cynthia shook her head at
Zen’s audacity.

“I’m mesmerized.”

“Are you gay?”Choking laughter escaped Cynthia’s throat.

“No. If I were, you just cured me and all male dancers aren't gay. You are gorgeous.”

“I’m just making sure in case I decided to make you my lover or something.”

Cynthia dropped to the floor at those words. Jeffrey was stunned and unable to hide his desire. Zen smiled her approval.

Zen Cooper: Grown Woman is available at: 

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Author Spotlight - Leanora Moore

The author spotlight is shining on Leanora Moore. We met in one of my Facebook author groups, and when I discovered what her book was about, I just had to share it here.

About the author:

Leanora loves to read and write about happy endings in romance novels. After publishing her first two romance novels titled "The Caress of a Younger Man" and Heavenly Kingdom, Leanora wanted to see more plus size women as heroines in romance novels. So she decided to create the Voluptuously Curvy and Loving It Series, that tells the stories of feisty plus size women and the men that they love.


About the book:

Deidra Parker is a plus size executive assistant, who has led a boring life and she's tired of it. So she decided to add some excitement to her life. Starting with getting the attention of the only man she has ever loved since they were kids in the sandbox and who also happened to be her boss, Jackson Reynolds.

Jackson has the reputation of being a playboy, because his relationships never last longer than a month or two. Just ending his last relationship, Jackson starts to rethink his idea on dating and wants to give up on dating for a while.

Will Deidra's new look and attitude make Jackson want to be in a lasting relationship or will he revert back to his old ways and hurt Deidra in the process?


At the reception, after taking a ton of pictures and having to pose next to Jackson in most of them, Deidra needed a drink. Standing at the bar, sipping on a margarita, Deidra tried to calm her nerves, as her mind and body had different plans.

“I see that Jackson has thrown you away like an old dish towel,” said a female voice behind her. When Deidra turned around, she came face to face with Evelyn Foster.

“Don’t get me confused with yourself,” Deidra replied smiling. This was the fight she had needed, so she could release some of the anger balled up inside of her.

“Did you truly think you could satisfy a man like Jackson,” Evelyn asked smiling. It took everything in her being, not to smack the hell out of that cow, but she did not want to ruin her best friend’s wedding, so she did the next best thing.

“Even though my relationship with Jackson is none of your business, but I need to ask this, how does it feel to be told by a man over and over that he doesn’t want you? He has even had you thrown out of the buildings a few times?” Deidra asked as she sat her drink down on the bar and turned back to Evelyn smiling.

“What the hell are you doing at my wedding?” Trinity asked as she and Jackson walked up looking mad as hell.

“I can to support my future sister in law, congratulations by the way,” Evelyn replied as she went to hug Trinity, but Trinity stepped back.

“Evelyn was just telling me, how she thought that Jackson had thrown me away like an old dish rag. Oh yeah, and that I couldn’t hold on to a man like you, Jackson,” Deidra stated smiling as Evelyn’s smile dimmed a little, when she looked at Jackson’s stone face.

Lifting her drink up from the bar to her lips, Deidra tried to hide her smile, then she thought what the hell, this woman came over there messing with her. So she lowered her glass and smiled at Evelyn, who sent daggers from her eyes toward Deidra.

“What are you smiling about fat ass?” Evelyn yelled drawing everyone’s attention.

Walking slowly around her, ” it’s just so funny how I, the fat girl, ended up with the man that you have been stalking, and from the look on his face, he still doesn’t want you,” Deidra finished with her drink still in her hand, she walked over to Jackson and placed her arm around his waist, and he did the same while smiling down at her.

“As you can see, we are in love, and for the last time, I don’t want you,” Jackson stated just as security walked up.

“Jackson, I know you don’t mean that. This fat ass bitch must be doing something to you,” Evelyn yelled.

“I got your fat bitch,” Deidra yelled as she dashed the rest of her drink in Evelyn’s face and then lunged at her, but Jackson grabbed her.

“You bitch,” Evelyn screamed and just as she lunged at Deidra, security grabbed her arms as Jackson’s and Deidra’s family surrounded them.

“I got your bitch!” Deidra yelled as she punched Evelyn in her jaw, knocking her to the floor. Jackson and Robert quickly grabbed Deidra as security started pulling Evelyn out of the room kicking and screaming.
Deidra pulled herself out of Jackson and Roberts arms, and walked over to the bar to get another drink because her nerves were on the edge and she felt like killing someone. With a new drink in her hand she started pacing back and forth trying to calm down. She couldn’t believe that the witch had the balls to say that mess to her.

“Sis, are you alright?” Robert asked as he made her stop pacing and look up at him.

“I’m fine, I’m just tired of her thinking she can talk to me out the side of her neck, and not have to deal with theconsequences,” Deidra stated after she took a deep breath.

“Sis, she’s gone now, you sure you don’t need some ice for your hand,” Daniel asked as he looked at her bruised hand.

“No, it will be fine,” Deidra replied as she looked down at her hand.

“That woman is crazy,” Amelia Reynolds, Jackson’s mom, stated as the party music started again.

“She was about to get her butt whipped for trying to ruin my reception,” Trinity stated as Jason put his arms around her shoulders.

“Let’s just focus on having a good time,” Alan Parker, Deidra’s dad said as he pulled his daughter into his arms and hugged her.

“He’s right Trinity, you owe your dear old dad a dance anyway,” Connor stated as he twirled Trinity around, causing everyone to laugh and head to the dance floor leaving Jackson and Deidra alone.

“Are you alright?” Jackson asked as he stood in front of her and lifted her chin.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired of all this craziness,” Deidra replied as he reached for her hand and started to look at it. The feel of his hand sent a shiver down her spine and made her forget all about the pain she was feeling.

“I know that now isn’t the time, but after the reception, can we go somewhere and talk?” Jackson asked looking into her eyes.

Just looking into his eyes, and feeling his firm hand caressing hers, made her feel safe again, and she quickly remembered why she fell in love with him in the first place.

“Jackson, it’s not going to change my mind, but yes we can talk,” she said as she tried to figure out, who she was trying to convince, him or herself.

“Thank you, now can I have the honor of this dance,” Jackson asked as he led her onto the dance floor. By the smile on his face, she knew he was up to something.

Dancing across the dance floor, Deidra tried to enjoy the way it felt in his arms, and the masculine smell of his cologne that just wrapped around her like a warm blanket on a cold night. She felt safer than she had in the past month, and then she realized that after everything was over at the reception, she would be alone again in her hotel room.


You can find Leonora all over the web here:

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Author Spotight - Megan Mottley

My special guest today is author Megan Mottley. Megan is the Founder and Creator of The Glamour Girl Movement. She spent several years working as a licensed esthetician and freelance makeup artist providing relaxation and rejuvenation services to women. Megan observed that women were putting more effort into enhancing their outer beauty and neglecting the most important aspect of True Glamour–inner beauty.  Megan launched The Glamour Girl Movement™ in January 2011 to encourage women to embrace beauty from the inside out.  Megan believes that when women take a deep look into their proverbial mirrors they are apt to discover their life purpose and can experience a life of freedom.



After bearing a child out of wedlock, I had totally lost all perspective for my purpose and God’s will for my life. Long after God had forgiven me and long after friends and family embraced me with words of encouragement and hope for the future, I still hadn’t found a way to forgive myself. A close uncle, who is also a minister, suggested that I take a sabbatical for a year to regain perspective of my relationship with God. He also instructed me to take time to build a solid foundation with my daughter.

A sabbatical is in a sense a form of fasting but in essence it’s time alone with God, critically reading scripture and being available for God to use you. During this time my heart and my mind were open to receive a profound message from God. I became fascinated with the Book of Esther and why she and several other women had to encounter 12 months of purification—a requirement of King Ahasuerus who was in search of a new queen. I thought that it was very fascinating that I was going through a 12-month process similar to that of Esther. I set out to discover exactly what Esther and the other women had to endure for an entire year and why. I also began to compare these biblical discoveries with modern day beauty treatments and the use of cosmetics.

I saw the need to bring the Book of Esther to life and to show women the purpose of God-Inspired Beauty Secrets. I also wanted to share with women what I discovered about God and myself during my yearlong sabbatical and how setting aside some time to be alone with God whether it is for one month, three months or 12 months can be a very invigorating experience. The purpose of my book is to encourage women to allow God to give them the ultimate makeover. The result is similar to those before and after pictures that are seen in magazines and on television; women will be amazed at the difference.

You can find Megan online here:

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Every time he touched her, she melted, and whenever she was in that semi-liquid state, she couldn’t refuse him anything. God help her. So when he tilted her face toward his, she shuddered, closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of his citrusy aftershave mixed with a masculine soap. He smelled so good. When his soft lips covered hers and his strong fingers curled around the back of her neck, all thoughts of serial killers, medical tests and Bruce flew from her mind as though they were being pursued by Homeland Security.

This time his kisses were different–long, deep and a bit rough. Gianne found her hands grasping and fingernails digging into the taut muscles of his shoulders. Marc devoured the soft sounds she couldn’t resist making. When his lips left her mouth and moved to her neck, and his hands traveled up her spine in a languid crawl, any reservations she’d had about their relationship becoming more serious evaporated into the charged air surrounding them. Marc’s hands inched down to the small of her back and rested on the curve of her bottom. He gently squeezed, uttered a moan then lifted her onto his lap, never breaking the kiss.

Gianne sighed when he slipped the strap of her sundress over her shoulder and kissed the skin beneath. But when he lowered that side of the dress further and focused his attention on her bare nipple, she thought she’d left her body and rocketed to a celestial location. Marc’s hand crept under her dress, between her thighs and they parted of their own volition. Shocked by her response to this man she hadn’t even known a month ago, she pressed her hands against his chest. The thundering of his heartbeat beneath her palms stunned her, and she asked in a breathless whisper, “What are we doing, Marc?”

A WOMAN'S WORTH: Kindle- Nook- Smashwords - Kobo -

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Writer Wednesday - C. Michelle Ramsey

Today I am privileged to feature author C. Michelle Ramsey's new release, Is the Grass Really Greener? I recently met Michelle at a literary function here in Atlanta, and we quickly became friends.
Michelle writes realistic, emotional fiction that speaks to the heart. Her sophomore release has already received five-star reviews on Amazon. After you read the excerpt below, you can enter her Rafflecopter contest to win a PDF copy of the book.

Five women, five lives, five secrets. Each woman is battling her own personal demons, and hiding a secret from her friends and family.

Each of them envies another's life, wishing her life was different, wishing she had what the other woman had. But what happens when what appears to be real, is all a fa├žade?

Battling breast cancer, single parenthood, infidelity, the loss of a child, and managing the single life, can become overwhelming for these ladies.

Not satisfied with their lives, looking for something better, they contemplate alternative choices to improve their lives; crossing over to the other side of the fence is a very real possibility. We can't see beyond the choices we make, but we must be held accountable for them.

And after they have crossed the fence, they realize two things simultaneously. Yes, the grass was greener on the other side; and also their grass could have been just as green had they taken care of it. 


Courtney found herself nodding her head to the beat of the music, more than she was focused on her report. Anita Baker’s “I Apologize” was on the radio playing softly in the background on KSTORM. She had to get this report done for tomorrow morning’s budget meeting. Stretching back in her chair, she let out a long yawn and shook her head to shake the sleep off. It was 11:55 at night and she knew that she had to be up at four in the morning. But these numbers just weren’t shaking out right.

The right thing to do would be to put it away and go upstairs with Nate and go to bed. She found herself going to bed after her husband more and more these days. She used to be the one who was knocked out by eight or nine o’clock, but not anymore. Some nights she was still up until two or three in the morning, if she didn’t have an early day at the office. Nate didn’t question it, because he didn’t want to be bothered with her anyway. She couldn’t remember the last time they had sex. She stopped to ponder that thought, had it really been five months now? Damn, it had. Seems as if she was always attempting to get him in the mood, and the last time she had done that he had brushed her off and he didn’t show even the slightest interest in her.

“Lonely hearts, find someone to love. Fellas, take care of your women; remember to love them long and strong, ‘cuz if you don’t, another brother will. And to all my lovely ladies, I’m wishing you a good night out there in the ATL; thanks for spending another night with me. And come back tomorrow for another night of love with Hypnotiq on the Storm.”

And with that he blew his traditional kiss and Pierce was off the radio for the night. As if this were some subliminal cue, Courtney closed her folder, switched off the radio on the bookshelf behind her, walked over to the doorway, switched off the light in her office, and walked upstairs to her bedroom. She was halfway up the steps when it hit her.

Damn, she thought to herself, I’ve been staying up half the night every night to hear the voice of a stranger. I’m falling for a man who I don’t even know. She started walking back down the steps to her office and flicked on the light and sat in her chair behind her desk.

Courtney furiously ran her hands through her hair shaking her head in disbelief. What the hell is this? I’m falling for a man I don’t know? He’s a kid from the old neighborhood that’s what it’s got to be. He brings back pleasant memories for me at this rough time in my life. Hell I had one cup of Joe with this man and ran into him at my art exhibit, and I sit up every night to hear his voice on the damn radio, how pathetic am I? He might have a girl, hell for all I know he might not be interested in women anyway, or black women, she shook her head laughing at that one. The way he came on to her that night she highly doubted it.  “This is crazy, it doesn’t even matter. I’m a married woman…not happily, but I’m married just the same and I love my husband with all my heart,” she said aloud, “I’m taking my butt to bed, I’m tired…that’s what it is,” and once again she repeated the steps she had just taken, not even three minutes earlier.

But this time when she got to the bedroom Nate wasn’t asleep. He was sitting in the bed staring at the TV. She could tell he wasn’t watching it. Courtney decided it would be best to not say anything, because she didn’t want to argue. All of their words turned into arguments these days and they couldn’t have decent communication. But it wasn’t to be.
“Courtney, I want a divorce,” Nate said.

Thinking she must have lost her mind, or maybe forgot to clean the wax from her ears, she turned over in the bed to face him. “Huh?” she said, a little befuddled.

“I want a divorce,” he repeated in that same monotone he had just used.

“Why?” she asked with panic rising up in her throat.

“I don’t wanna be here anymore, I can’t do this,” he explained.

“Do what Nate?”

“Do us, this thing we call a marriage, this faking it we’re doing day by day, I can’t do it anymore,” he said with a little emotion coming into his voice.

“Look Nate, I know that you’re hurting, I’ve been hurting, too. And what’s hurting the most is that you’re shutting me out. You won’t even talk to me. I know you’re grieving baby, we’re both grieving, but you didn’t suffer this loss alone. I did, too and just like we lost him together we have to find a way to heal together, to go on with our future,” she pleaded.

“I don’t think you heard me. There’s no future for us,” Nate responded a little more passionately this time.
Available at:



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Blog Tour Schedule

My blog tour continues next week. At each stop you have a chance to win a copy of A Woman's Worth!

Mon., 9/9                 Nia Forrester                               
                               Kimberly Matthews-Hooker          

Tues., 9/10              C. Michelle Ramsey                     

Weds., 9/11            Adrienne Thompson                      

Thurs., 9/12             Donna Fasano                             

Fri. , 9/13                 Dariel Raye                                 
                               Cheryl Tardif                                

Weds., 9/18             Nonnie Jules                                                

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Today is Release Day for A WOMAN’S WORTH, the first book in my Stafford brothers series! $2.99

School media specialist, Gianne Marvray, has been through the worst two years of her life physically and emotionally. After a battle with cancer and all it entails, she is finally ready to start living her life again. She wants to see new places, meet new people and experience new things, but she isn’t ready for the rollercoaster ride she’s about to embark on when she meets Las Vegas personal trainer and raw vegan foods advocate, Marc Stafford.
After a four year absence, Marc comes home to Atlanta to attend a family celebration in one of his brother’s honor. He’s not thrilled about seeing his father, but he has promised his mother that he won’t throw off the family balance by being the only one of their six sons absent. All Marc wants to do is make an appearance at the event and spend a little time with his brothers. Little does he know that this is the night he will meet the woman who will forever change his life.