Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Giving thanks to God for the wonderful things in my life, big and small…

Having a family and loved ones to invite to dinner

Being physically able to cook and clean and do all of the things necessary to prepare for this day

His angels that protect our guests as they travel

A house where I can welcome people that’s big enough to hold them all J

Being able to buy whatever is necessary to make this day a blessing to everyone

Our combined family gift to Hosea Feed the Hungry for Christmas  

That my entire immediate family is here in Atlanta

My grandchildren, who fill the day with laughter and nonsense

(This was taken last Thanksgiving.)

A day filled with the spirit of peace free from any conflict or strife

Pistachio cake, cornbread dressing, sweet potato pie, sour cream pound cake and anything chocolate that I’ll be working off at the gym starting December 11th

    The presence of mind to know Whom to thank...

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C Michelle Ramsey said...

I love this post! It's the simple things that matter most. Your grandbaby to your right, looks so much like you.