Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thoughts from Lillian Stafford...

Hi there! My name is Lillian Stafford, and I am so excited. All of my sons came home to Atlanta this week to celebrate my oldest son’s promotion to Chief of Staff at the medical center where he’s been Chief of Surgery for the past few years.

Being the mother of six boys has always been a challenge, but I’m proud to say they have all turned out to be wonderful men. I wouldn’t let them hear me say this, but I was most eager to see Marcus, one of my twins. He hasn’t been home in four years, and this time he brought a woman to the house with him that he met at the installation dinner tonight. Gianne is a pretty little thing, but I am concerned because she happens to be one of my husband’s patients. Victor is an oncologist, so that means she’s a cancer patient.

Marcus seems to be so taken with her, and it’s not like him at all, especially with a woman he just met. I pray that he knows what he’s doing.


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