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Fun Friday

I've been busy, busy, busy trying to get TILL YOU COME BACK TO ME done before I go into the hospital next month for my knee surgery! That's why I haven't posted anything here other than features for other authors. 

No matter how busy I am, I always make time to save things I run across online or get in my e-mail that make me smile. And when you're struggling to get a book finished, you definitely need something to smile about...


Here are a few to start off you weekend:

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Author Spotlight - Jamie Dossie

My guest today is author Jamie Dossie.

Jamie was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She fell in love with urban novels, after her mom gave her a book by Terry McMillian called Mama. After reading that book, she began to read another and at that very moment she knew these were the kind of books she wanted to write someday.

After the passing of her mom, she began to write notebooks full of poems and short stories. She knew it was a way to cope with the pain of losing her mom, but at the same time she was building her writing skills. Growing up where people didn’t express their dreams, she shied away from telling people that she wanted to be a well-known published author.

Jamie is always looking to improve her writing craft. She is also a licensed esthetician and licensed Food Server. She is well known in her community for these crafts as well. She has written two books with one being published called Double Back. She is currently working hard on part two of Double Back.  She would like to tell everyone to always follow their dreams, always step out on faith it’s the best thing anyone could do. She is currently living in Chicago with her children and is brain storming on her future projects.

You can find out more about Jamie here:


Growing up on the west side of Chicago to a dope fiend, Rashad Miller aka- Goldie never knew his father. Tired of the neighborhood kids laughing and staring at him, he missed many days of school, and saw drugs as the only way to make money and have things he wanted in life. Goldie was made to believe that this would be the only life he would ever know. Jasmine moved after high school graduation to start a promising writing career in New York City. The thought of Goldie never left her mind. The love they shared as kids was sweet and innocent; now both grown-up, a loving relationship with Goldie is what Jasmine dreams of. Jasmine comes back to Chicago to live, where she and Goldie try to rekindle a lost love. Goldie s inability to stop his menacing ways was tearing him and her apart. Hustling helped him live, and the love he craved from Jasmine helped feed his soul.

Jasmine was the one he really wanted but couldn’t seem to get it. He thought if he had money and nice clothes that he would surely win her over, knowing that none of that impressed her had him floored. That’s why he fell in love with Jasmine, knowing he needed more to get her was something he had never experienced with the other girls. Jasmine made him work. He took her to parties on the weekends, bought her jewelry pretty much whatever else he thought she wanted. Jasmine never asked for anything, he always offered, sometimes she would accept and others she wouldn’t.

Occasionally Jas and her best friends would walk the blocks looking to be seen but she never fell prey to any of the trouble her friends got into. At twelve and thirteen most of them were already having sex with boys older than they were. Goldie had even slept with a few of them. Some of the girls were into drinking and smoking weed and the ones who thought that they were good girls opted for other acts instead of having sex.

Jasmine and Goldie had a few stolen moments of passion, a kiss here or a kiss there, she almost went all the way with him a few times but Goldie always stopped her. In his eyes, she would always be a good girl, and as he loved her, he knew he wasn’t the kind of young man she needed in her life. He couldn’t hurt or treat her he way he treated other females. Jasmine was his one true love, when he got his life together, he knew he was going to be hers.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Friday

I haven't posted a Fun Friday entry in a quite a while, so I thought this one should be something profound...

Have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Writer Wednesday - Obsession

My special guest today is Obsession.

She grew up on the west side of Chicago, Obsession began writing at the age of 7. Winning countless awards in her youth, it was plain to see that she was indeed gifted. Upon graduating from Young Chicago Author's, she published two poetry books by the age of 17. Obsession is currently working on her fifth novel and fifth poetry book! She now resides on the north side of Chicago, where she teaches preschool. Her new release is entitled, Before I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

About The Book

 If you were given only six months to a year to live, what would be your final good deed? 

Filled with love, humor and heart stopping suspense, you will find Gail Washington; a therapist turned matchmaker diagnosed with a monstrous disease. She arranges a sensual mixer in hopes that four individuals, who are also her clients, make a love connection. Nathaniel, a head strong seductive pediatric surgeon, has never met a woman that could handle him mentally or physically; that's why Gail’s feisty secretary Zaya is perfect for him. Raven is the top male tennis player in the world. He quickly learns that with championships comes a lot of money and a lot of women; both of which he’s always had control over until he meets Morgan, a free spirited hairstylist that is drop dead gorgeous and emotionally elusive.

Will Gail live to see her last wish granted? Will they surrender their hearts and fall passionately in love with one another? Or will Gail’s final act of kindness accompany her to the grave?

5 Facts about the Book

1. What can we learn from the protagonist? 
>Acceptance, love, humbleness, Kindness & forgiveness

2. How was Gail inspirational?
>Even though her life will be cut short, Gail remains unselfish while showing us a softer and stronger side of humanity.

3. Gail played a major role in her clients love connection.
>She devised a plan to not only heal her clients but to gift them the one thing the all yearned for, which to love and be loved. 

4. The importance of loving yourself before you can love anyone else.
>Nathaniel, Zaya, Raven & Morgan had to face and conquer their own demons in order to see the good within themselves and others. They went to war with their past and their emotions; coming out scraped and bruised but free. 

5. My own story inspired Gail's and the rest of the cast.

Healing, learning to love myself, facing my abusive childhood, learning how to forgive, being selfless, helping others heal with my story. 



                          “The thing that is worse than death is betrayal.”~ Malcolm X


​“What in the world is taking Dr. Erickson so long?” Gail wondered aloud.

Anxiously bouncing her right leg, she glances down at her wrist watch for the tenth time.

She’s been nervous ever since receiving a phone call from her gynecologist nurse Veronica.

Veronica stated that her test results were in and for Gail and her husband to come into the office immediately. The request from Dr. Erickson to have Chaz come along is what’s concerning her the most.

​“Lord please, if this man has given me another STD I will become one of the newest movies playing on the lifetime channel… burning bed… the sequel.”

​“Gail who are you talking to?” a familiar voice asked

Gail spun around to see Dr. Erickson leaning against his office door with her chart in hand.

“Oh hey Dr. Erickson, I wasn’t talking to anyone, I was just thinking aloud. You know me, always thinking about something.” A nervous laugh escaped her mouth

​“Now Gail we’ve talked about this; call me Ollie. You helped me through a rough period in my life. You’re not only my patient, but you are my friend. I couldn’t have gotten through my divorce without you.” said Dr. Erickson.

“Oh Ollie, I was just doing my job. I’m a psychologist, that’s what we do; we’re healers, as my grandmother would say.”

​“And a healer you are. You helped me to forgive my ex-wife and to let go. All of the talks we had, exercises and books that you recommended really aided in healing my broken heart. Now look at me; my private practice is doing amazing, my self-esteem is through the roof, and the ladies love me! And I have you to thank.”

​“Not at all Ollie, you can thank God; I just helped out a bit.”

They laughed simultaneously.

Gail leans back in her chair and speaks softly.

​“You’ve found something wrong with me haven’t you? There’s a reason you wanted Chaz to come with me to receive the results.”

​“Where is he?” Dr. Erickson asked.

​“Obviously not here so what is it already?” Gail impatiently replied.

​“Your pap smear came back abnormal. We explained that most the time abnormal cell changes on the cervix are caused by human papillomavirus, which is a sexually transmitted disease. This prompted us to do a colposcopy or cervical biopsy to run test on the abnormal cells.”

​“Right and you told me that usually the abnormal cells will go away on their own,” said Gail

​“Yes but I also said that it depended on what type of HPV we were dealing with. You haven’t had a pap smear 10 years prior to this one.” Explained Dr. Erickson

​“It slipped my mind.” she shamefully replied.

​“Yes, you informed me of that. With the symptoms you’ve been having; the abnormal vaginal bleeding after intercourse, the fatigue, the longer heavier periods, and the pelvic and back pain; Gail I don’t know any other way to say this but to say it.”

Dr. Erickson looks at his friend with the saddest eyes and continues. ​“The biopsy results report that you have cervical cancer. You will undergo further test to determine whether the cancer has spread and to what extent; this process is called staging. The stage of the cancer is a key factor in deciding on treatment. It seems like we need to run test as soon as possible.” He walks over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. “Gail, are you listening to me? We need to start testing immediately so we can see which treatment we need to begin.”

She sat there staring at the behind him with tears lining her face.

​“Gail I’m sorr…”

She reaches out to hug him.

​“It’s okay Ollie. I’m free after four pm all next week. Have Veronica give me a call with available days and times.”

​“Are you going to be alright Gail?”

Breaking their embrace, she walks to his office door.

​“I will be” she said over her shoulder.

The walk to her car seemed like it took forever. Shaking and crying uncontrollably, she was in no shape to drive, so she grabbed her cell phone and dialed her husband’s number. Ringing only once, she was sent straight to the voicemail.

"​Um, hey Honey, I waited for you at Dr. Erickson’s office, but you never showed up; guess you were busy. Any who, the news wasn’t so great, I’m a complete wreck, I’ve been sitting in the car crying and wondering why is this happening to me.” She let out a long sigh before continuing. “Well Honey, I’m going to head on home and get some rest. After a good nap I’ll start on dinner, I love you, bye.”

She loves music, but she can’t handle any extra activity at the moment, so she decides to drive home in silence.

How could this be happening to me? I mean, I eat right, exercise, pray, tithe, volunteer at women shelters and children hospitals. I’ve never killed, beat up, scammed, or flat out harmed anybody in my entire life and yet I’m stricken with cancer. This is not fair; why Jesus?

As she pulls up to her home, she notice her husband’s car parked in their drive way.

Hmm, I didn’t expect him to be home so early, she thought.

Upon entering their home, she hears a familiar song playing softly in their bedroom.

​“Aw, he must have heard my voicemail and decided to play our favorite song. He knows Janet Jackson always cheers me up.”

She sings along with the lyrics as she climbs the stairs to their bedroom.

​“Anytime, and any place, I don’t care who’s around…”

She stops singing when she hears moaning on the other side of the door.

Turning the door knob slowly, she stands outside of the room in complete and utter shock…”

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Author Spotlight - Charmaine Galloway

My special guest today is author Charmaine Galloway. She was born and currently resides in Toledo, Ohio with her two children. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape from the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her debut poetry book. 

Charmaine is passionate about writing reality based stories about imperfect people. “As a new author I think it is very important that my readers get to know me. I'm a writer with Christian values and I hope to inspire people with the stories that I pen. My characters are everyday people going through struggles and obstacles because life is not perfect. Every story does not have a “happily ever after” ending and neither does real life.”

Charmaine hopes to enlighten, inspire and touch the hearts of her readers. She is currently working on new projects, so keep a look out for her upcoming releases. 

Her new release is entitled The Secrets They Kept. It is part two of a series. The first book is called Girlfriends Secrets. Here's a brief description of the story:

It is often said that what a person doesn’t know can’t hurt them, but in the case of Brittany, Tyra, and Alisha, what they didn’t know not only hurt, for one of them, it killed.

From destroyed marriages and surprise identities to lethal love affairs and drug addictions, the secrets kept from, and by, these women set in motion a chain of events that ripped their worlds apart, threatened to destroy their friendships, and made it impossible for any of them to ever trust again. 

The Secrets They Kept is available on here: 

20 Days of Romance

There's nothing like meeting that special someone for the first time. Some say they see fireworks, while others experience a light fluttering of the heart. Come by author Chelle Ramsey's blog and take a peek at the night Dani Reynolds meets nightclub bouncer Taylor Villanova for the first time.
Chicki Brown

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Writer Wednesday - A Stolen Valentine Kiss

Stolen Valentine Kiss by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Publication Date: Feb 1st 2014
ISBN/EAN 13: 1495237931/9781495237935 (Paperback)
Genre / Categories: Fiction/Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural

One broken heart. Two grieving minds.

To Lorna Ibe, Departmental Manager with one of London's multi-channel retailers, Valentine's Day lost its romantic flavour years ago. An unplanned holiday to New Jersey is her perfect getaway from the stress and emotional turmoil locked in her heart, just what she needs to take her mind off her troubles. That's until she runs into Logan.

Magazine publisher, Logan Blake has had his fair share of stress in the past few years. When his sister asks him to drop off old clothes to charity, he has a minor accident in front of the charity shop where Lorna volunteers. When he sets eyes on her bare midriff as she wipes the display window, he clears his busy schedule to volunteer his time. Two burdened hearts afraid to get entwined.

One Stolen Valentine Kiss. Will Valentine season bring them romance or will their fears keep them apart?

Logan's left arm draped round her waistline as if he couldn't bear to be away from her. ''Are you trying to make a few women jealous?'' Lorna breathed in his ear, nearly tempted to nibble his fair earlobe.
''Why do you say that?'' he whispered back, his gaze darting towards the couple standing a few yards from them.

''Too many women have given me knife edge glances already. I feel the sharp end of their stinging glare. As I don't know them...I can only conclude they want you...and they think am standing in their way.'' A cool smile passed her lips. She shivered when his breath caressed her eyelids. His fingers, cleverly hidden from view stroked beneath her ribs absently, giving her undeniable pleasure.

''Are you bothered, Lorna?''
She tried to stand upright, but her knees still buckled. One hand reached for his abdomen. Oh, it was as taut as she expected with ridges but she didn't bargain for the piping hot desire shooting through her arm.

Snatching her seared hand away, she sucked in air. ''Should I be? Is there any one of these glamorous women you fancy? I can arrange for her to come over?'' Arabella approached with a pretty blonde woman in tow.

''Logan, meet Isabella. She's a doctor in Christ Hospital. I've told her a lot about you. Isabella, keep Logan happy for awhile," she instructed. Logan's face showed no expression.

With a nod at her brother, she tapped Lorna's hand reassuringly. 'I'll borrow Lorna for a few minutes." Before Logan could respond, she hurried off, introducing her to her circle of friends. ''What do you do?'' Arabella asked after almost ten minutes of circulating among her guests. Lorna’s cheeks hurt from constantly smiling at people who didn’t give a wink about her presence at the party. She hasn't been in such a large gathering since...

Arabella nudged her. ''Are you dreaming about my brother?'' her eyes flashed angrily as they entered what must be a guest bedroom. Lorna's eyes darted round, her brain suddenly registering the other woman's intention.
''Do I look dreamy?'' she replied equally sarcastically.
''What do you do, Lorna?'' the room decorated in neutral colours of magnolia and beige soothed her wary nerves.

''Are you asking out of interest or spite?'' she retorted.
Arabella’s deep blue eyes narrowed with simmering hostility, but she quickly averted her gaze, shielding her expression. ''You're a guest in my home. I want to get to know you.'' She nodded. ''I volunteer at the cancer charity store but I...''
''Is that where you met my brother?'' the other woman cut in sharply.
''Yes, if you must know. Is our pep-talk going to be about Logan? You plan on warning me to stay off him, right?'' her gaze raked Arabella's flesh.

Logan's elder sister sat down on the bed, her chest heaving. ''Look here, Lorna. I know Logan may have shown a little interest in you for the moment, but trust me, you're not his type. He needs a woman with...wealth, a true professional.''
''Does he know you're bent on securing him a wife?'' she countered tartly. Arabella's gaze mirrored barely disguised anger for a split second.
''What do you expect me to do? Watch him marry just any woman? Oh no! Logan deserves a woman who can fit into his world.''

I am Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, a fun loving mother of two, married to my very own gorgeous alpha male. I recently 'retired' from an eighteen stint working as a Quality Assurance Manager. Writing romance novels is an exciting adventure.

In 2010, I created Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels. There are six contemporary romance novels in the kitty, varying from sweet & sensual to spicy hot & steamy - LOITERING SHADOWS, STORMY DEFENSE, BEYOND the LADY, THE GARDNER'S ICE MAIDEN, SPARKLING DAWN and HUSBAND to RENT. STOLEN VALENTINE KISS is my first series and my first Novella.

On my writing desk at the moment, my first historical romance, a trilogy is taking shape. A daunting challenge I must confess, but I love the characters and their journey so far. In my leisure time, I go swimming, read romance novels, go to Cinema, and watch TV.
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“Love Is in the Air Epic Valentine’s Giveaway”

I’m excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with several great authors to bring to you “Love Is in the Air Epic Valentine’s Giveaway”!

Are you in search of great literary work? Would you like to experience the flavor of new authors? Well, I’ve partnered with over a dozen to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember. Click the link to enter to for a chance to win one of many great prizes from names you may recognize!