Monday, February 24, 2014

Author Spotlight - Jamie Dossie

My guest today is author Jamie Dossie.

Jamie was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She fell in love with urban novels, after her mom gave her a book by Terry McMillian called Mama. After reading that book, she began to read another and at that very moment she knew these were the kind of books she wanted to write someday.

After the passing of her mom, she began to write notebooks full of poems and short stories. She knew it was a way to cope with the pain of losing her mom, but at the same time she was building her writing skills. Growing up where people didn’t express their dreams, she shied away from telling people that she wanted to be a well-known published author.

Jamie is always looking to improve her writing craft. She is also a licensed esthetician and licensed Food Server. She is well known in her community for these crafts as well. She has written two books with one being published called Double Back. She is currently working hard on part two of Double Back.  She would like to tell everyone to always follow their dreams, always step out on faith it’s the best thing anyone could do. She is currently living in Chicago with her children and is brain storming on her future projects.

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Growing up on the west side of Chicago to a dope fiend, Rashad Miller aka- Goldie never knew his father. Tired of the neighborhood kids laughing and staring at him, he missed many days of school, and saw drugs as the only way to make money and have things he wanted in life. Goldie was made to believe that this would be the only life he would ever know. Jasmine moved after high school graduation to start a promising writing career in New York City. The thought of Goldie never left her mind. The love they shared as kids was sweet and innocent; now both grown-up, a loving relationship with Goldie is what Jasmine dreams of. Jasmine comes back to Chicago to live, where she and Goldie try to rekindle a lost love. Goldie s inability to stop his menacing ways was tearing him and her apart. Hustling helped him live, and the love he craved from Jasmine helped feed his soul.

Jasmine was the one he really wanted but couldn’t seem to get it. He thought if he had money and nice clothes that he would surely win her over, knowing that none of that impressed her had him floored. That’s why he fell in love with Jasmine, knowing he needed more to get her was something he had never experienced with the other girls. Jasmine made him work. He took her to parties on the weekends, bought her jewelry pretty much whatever else he thought she wanted. Jasmine never asked for anything, he always offered, sometimes she would accept and others she wouldn’t.

Occasionally Jas and her best friends would walk the blocks looking to be seen but she never fell prey to any of the trouble her friends got into. At twelve and thirteen most of them were already having sex with boys older than they were. Goldie had even slept with a few of them. Some of the girls were into drinking and smoking weed and the ones who thought that they were good girls opted for other acts instead of having sex.

Jasmine and Goldie had a few stolen moments of passion, a kiss here or a kiss there, she almost went all the way with him a few times but Goldie always stopped her. In his eyes, she would always be a good girl, and as he loved her, he knew he wasn’t the kind of young man she needed in her life. He couldn’t hurt or treat her he way he treated other females. Jasmine was his one true love, when he got his life together, he knew he was going to be hers.

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Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

Hi Jamie, Double Back sounds very interesting. It is good you eventually followed your heart - to get published.

Congratulations on your new release. I wish you huge sales.