Monday, March 10, 2014

Fellowship of Like Minds

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at my monthly writer's group meeting. I always look forward to the second Sunday of month, because this is the one time I get to spend some time with fellow scribes face to face.

There were only five of us present at the meeting, and one of the participants was a man who joined us for the first time. Our members are all at different stages in their writing/publishing journey. Three of us, M.J. Kane, C. Michelle (Mimi) Ramsey and myself are multi-published. Others are tweaking manuscripts for submission/self-publishing. Some are just starting their first book.

Our topic for discussion was character development. M.J., our fearless leader, had e-mailed us the character profile she uses to flesh out her characters before she starts a new story. We were to complete the form and bring it to the meeting. 

I use a similar form in my pre-writing process, but with a different set of questions. Each of us took a turn reading the details about our current main character. Hearing about the protagonists other writers have created is so interesting, but more importantly, I enjoyed just being in the company of people who understand my weirdness.

More often than not, I find myself talking to members of my family about my writing, which always puts me in the position of being the "odd man out." They tolerate my ramblings and usually give me that blank stare as though thinking, "That's nice. Can we talk about something else?"

It's hard not to share the thing you love to do most with those closest to you, but I realize they only listen to me to be nice. :)  It's a joy to share those things and have the people ro whom you're talking ask questions and give input.

Thank you Wordsmiths of Clayton County! 


Andrea Jackson said...

I feel ya! Being able to talk to other writers is crucial to the soul and creativity.

Celeste Miller said...

Writing groups really are wonderful things :) - I started a little one with a few friends of mine in my program at university, and being able to share and talk things over with like minds has been invaluable help in pushing each of us to really accomplish things in our writing goals. You've actually given me a good idea though, with that character form - I think that'd be a great idea to put one of those together for me and the other ladies! Any tips you're willing to share on what kinds of questions go in there? Thanks!

Chicki Brown said...

Thanks for stopping by, Andrea and Celeste!

I haven't been part of a local writer's group since 2007, and I desperately missed it. During that time I was a member of Georgia Romance Writers, but that's a big group. Not the same.

Celeste, if you e-mail me at the contact link, I'll be glad to send you a copy of the character profile. :)

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

Nice to talk about your writing with people who appreciate it. I'm not in a writing group but my son is very keen on asking about the plot, name and origin etc.of the story/character. I find that helpful.

Thanks for shating.