Friday, April 17, 2015

New Release Spotlight!

Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author I both respect and admire. Today I am pleased to feature her brand new release, Trinidad and April's Amelie.


Amelie rolled awake, her body bumping up against Trinidad. She finally asked his name after more than ten days together. He was one fine specimen but she wondered why he was hanging around. He disappeared hours at a time but returned. He hadn't asked for anything other than the pleasure of her body and the pleasure had been all hers. He even brought her meals. The last two nights she slept with him stone, cold sober and he was a freaking master. Standing up, she stretched before walking into the bathroom. After using it and washing up she sat on the balcony, dressed in the plush white robe staring out at the sea. Trinidad woke up watching her. She was a beautiful woman but so troubled. Feeling him watching her, she looked inside and he walked out to her.
"What's going on in your sober mind?" He asked. She turned her head away before answering.
"I was thinking how I got here. Everything's an impulse with me. Since my mom died, I've impulsively lived my life, chasing dope and men, men and dope. I even stole sperm and had my brother in laws baby." He knew that but remained quiet. "They have him now and I'm sure with their money and connections he's now legally theirs. It's just as well. I'm no ones mommy. I'm simply the bad twin to perfect April." Bitterness was on her tongue. He grabbed his chest in mock horror.
"Please don't tell me there are two of you."
"Whatever. She's nothing like me. She's smarter, married and special. I'm the late born twin who lost oxygen to her brain and could never get the right grades, make the right choices so instead I had fun."
"You're jealous."
"I'm past jealous. I'm obsessed. No one loves April more than me. No one hates April more than me. I would kill the person who ever hurt her but there have been times I wanted to kill the life she has." He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close to him. "Trinidad, why are you still here?"
"I wish I knew." He said honestly. He understood being an outsider and feeling less than. That was several years of his life. But after joining the military and later starting his own private consulting business he found some semblance of normalcy. But there were times when he was still that abused foster kid.

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