Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Seven Things...

There's a challenge going around Facebook right now, and before anyone tags me, I figured I'd answer it here. The theme of this challenge is to post seven things most people don't know about me as a writer.

1. I never write my manuscripts by hand. I find handwriting annoying and painful, since I type 100 words a minute. Being a secretary/administrative assistant for so many years made me a keyboard woman.


2.  Even though I never hand-write, I have an addiction for buying gel pens. I use them for editing on hard copy, and I have an extensive collection divided between my laptop bag, my purse and my desk in the office. Mostly I do my editing in bright pink ink, but I also use purple and aqua. 

3.  Every time I finish reading a great book, I go through an inevitable "I suck as a writer. I could never write anything like this" phase for a day or two.

4.  Ever since I started writing, I've been a plotter. Before I start a book, I create an outline, story timeline, photo collage of the characters, but recently I discovered I'm becoming more of a pantser. Perhaps that's because I know the characters in the Stafford Brothers series so well, I don't need to do so much preliminary work.

5.  I still have a copy of the first story I ever wrote in first grade. My mother saved it in the baby book she'd created for me. I found it in her belongings after she passed on. It was about a snowstorm.

6.  Speaking of storms, even though I love writing at the beach, I do some of my best writing in bad weather - especially when it's raining hard. 

7. The first book I published was actually the fourth one I'd written.

I'm not going tag anyone here. If I get challenged, I'll tag them on Facebook.