Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Breaking new ground

I'm Losing You released two weeks ago, and sales have been fantastic. Thank you to everyone who bought a copy and also to those who bought the first book in the series. You are awesome!

I took a week off to get myself together and prepare to start the promotion parade, but now I'm back to writing and have jumped into I Want You Back, Book Five in the Stafford Brothers series. The first chapter had been written for inclusion at the end of Book Four, but I knew very little about Nick Stafford, the baby of the family other than the fact that he'd just graduated from medical school and had recently broken up with his girlfriend of two years, Cherilyn Vernon. I don't have a cover yet, but this picture represents the premise of the story.

Whenever I begin writing a new story, one of my favorite parts is uncovering the personalities, goals and motivations of the characters. As the title and this photo hint, Nick is on a campaign to win Cherilyn back after a seven-month breakup. Her hasty engagement to another man, who is an already successful neurosurgeon, complicates Nick's efforts at the beginning, but he refuses to give up.

As I write, I am finding out just who Nick and Cherilyn are. Being the youngest of the six brothers, he is used to having what he wants. He hasn't faced much opposition in his life, and he is thrown off balance when it becomes apparent that Cher isn't going to make his quest easy. 

Cherilyn, the only girl in a family of four siblings, has her own successful career. She makes a good living as a voice coach at an Atlanta HBCU and gives private lessons on the side, but she's battles with self-esteem issues because of her size. Unlike her fiance', Nick never seemed to notice or care that her dress size isn't in the single digits. In fact, he always expressed his appreciation for her physical assets. 


I'm only in Chapter Two, and I'm excited about starting a new story. I'll keep you posted on how it's going.

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