Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Happening

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I posted a blog entry. I've been so wrapped up in working on Inner City Blues, Jesse Stafford's story, and making notes and character profiles for Born To Be Wild that I hadn't noticed.

ICB has taken more research than I'd expected. I don't know a thing about the law and specific punishment for particular crimes, thank God. Neither do I have a clue about the rules established by the American Medical Association on how they sanction members for misconduct. The story is getting to be pretty interesting, if I must say so myself. 

At the same time, ideas for BTBW, the first book in my Lake series, have been coming to me. Since I know how my memory works, or doesn't work, these days. I know it's best for me to stop whatever I'm doing at the moment and record these thoughts in a computer file. As usual, visuals also start to manifest, and that sends me directly to Google to find pictures to fit what I've seen in my head. I mentioned in an earlier post that the idea for this book came while hubby and I were on vacation last year. We'd driven through a lovely lake town called Eufaula, Alabama. I instantly fell in love with the place. Right now, I don't know if I'm going use the real name or if I'll create a fictional one, but I'm certainly using the pictures I found online of the historic town.

Yesterday, I started creating the character/setting collage. I don't have names for my main characters yet, but I know what they look like. She is a quiet, bookworm who was born and raised in this small town. She's smart, financially savvy and besides owning the town's independent bookstore, she is also a homeowner. He is an a gregarious alpha male from Atlanta who belongs to a motorcycle club (not outlaw gang).

So far, this is what I have...

Of course, I need to add the secondary characters once they gel in my mind. This will certainly be an "opposites attract" romance, but I also need to come up with some other conflict to keep the story interesting.

I'll keep you posted, and if you have any ideas, I'd appreciate hearing them.


Sharon Williams said...

Wow I am excited for both ... I love the Staffords and Born to be Wild sound like it will be a hit also. I love your writing style and I think it is great that welcome others ideas ... If I think of something I will definitely let you know 😊

Chicki Brown said...

Thanks for your support, Sharon!