Friday, July 22, 2016

When writing is a puzzle

I don't post often about my writing process, because I don't consider it very interesting. Every now and then, something comes up during the creation of a manuscript that just baffles me, though.

So...I sent Chapters Seven and Eight of Inner City Blues to my beta readers, and they pointed out that the timeline of the story had gone off the rails and was confusing. 

The format I use is to devote the first half of each chapter to the hero's point of view and the second half of each chapter to the heroine's POV. The problem I ran into is that I wanted to show their thoughts on the same situations, but doing it that way ends up feeling as though I'm repeating myself.

By the time I got their critiques back, I was already working on Chapter Nine, and by then it was three chapters into screwed up timeline! I don't want to continue writing until I fix the issue. So today is dedicated to trying to fix this mess. 

I tried going back to Chapter Seven and moving things around on-screen, but that DID NOT work! Scrolling back and forth was making me nuts, and I came to the conclusion that I needed to print out a hard copy of all three chapters in order to have it all in front of me. What I believe I need to do is spread everything out and mark up the paragraphs/sections that should be moved in order to make the timeline flow correctly.

The problem with working this way is that it's much like doing a jigsaw puzzle. 


Tomorrow I'm babysitting, and no work will be accomplished. We're taking the baby grandson to see the Angry Birds movie and wherever he wants to go for lunch. This task needs to be accomplished today. Pray for me, I'm going in... 


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