Saturday, December 10, 2016

Status update...

Since I posted here last time, I've had major surgery and have been recuperating at home. Since I wasn't allowed to do much else, I concentrated on writing the first two chapters of BORN TO BE WILD, Book One in The Lake Series.

This story is going to be a love triangle with the heroine, bookstore owner Tangela Holloway, trying to decide between two men - one whom she's known her entire life, and another who has just walked into her life. And these men couldn't be more different. 

Here's the long blurb I'm working on. It needs tweaking, but this is what I have so far...
If you enjoyed reading the Stafford Brothers Series, keep an eye out for my upcoming Lake Series. This series, set in an Alabama lake town, will feature different residents of the town. Book One, Born to be Wild, introduces readers to Tangela Holloway, the shy, introverted owner of the town’s only bookstore. She spends her days running the store, and her nights reading. 

For the past two years Tangela has been dating Johnnie Ellison, a hometown boy who owns one of the town’s boat rental companies. Johnnie is among the town’s few eligible bachelors. She cares about Johnnie and considers him a good friend. Recently he’s been hinting about taking their relationship to the next level. She is giving his suggestion serious consideration but secretly longs to feel the kind of sparks she’s read about in the romance novels she loves to read. Tangela wonders if she is holding out for a ridiculous fantasy that only happens between the pages of fiction.

One August afternoon, Reese Turner strides into her store looking as sexy, wild and dangerous as one of the heroes in her books. As he speaks to her, what she experiences is more like an electrical storm than mere sparks. Reese explains that he and his motorcycle club are on their way from Atlanta, Georgia to the Annual National Bikers Roundup being held this year in Panama City Beach, Florida. He asks her to order a specific book on cycle repair and says if she can put a rush on it, he will return to pick it up. The handsome biker ends by asking if he can also take her out to dinner when he returns in a week.

Tangela has a week to decide if she’ll make the safe choice and settle down with her old friend or follow the current that’s pulling her to a man who is different from any she’s ever known.

Today I'm 8,500 words into the story...

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