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Weekend mini-virtual book fair!

Since I’m busy trying to wind up BORN TO BE WILD, I’ve invited my author friends to take over my page for the weekend and shoutout their latest releases! I’m asking all of my FB friends who enjoy reading to check out all of the posts through Sunday night. You will surely find something that tickles your fancy! Have a great weekend everyone. J

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I’ve decided to put The Stafford Brothers Series on sale on Kindle and Nook for the next month!
There are six books in the series, and each one has been reduced to $1.99 until the release of Book One in The Lake Series
You can get them here: 
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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sample Sunday

is is the next to last excerpt from Born To Be Wild before release at the end of May. In this unedited excerpt we meet Reese's best buddy, Spence.

“Does that mean you’ll be free to have dinner with me when I come back through to pick up the book?”

Her brown eyes widened for a fraction of a second, and she dabbed her full, bow-shaped lips with a napkin before she answered. “What day are you coming back?”

“Sunday afternoon. Is there a nice spot in town where you’d like to go, or would you rather go to Dothan?”

“We have a nice restaurant here called the River City Grill. It’s a few doors down from my store. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is nice.”

“How’s three o’clock? If I leave Panama City Beach around noon, I should be pulling in around then.”

My groin tightened at the way her gaze took me in from across the table, but then she said, 
“This is first Sunday, and we have communion, so I’ll be a bit late getting out of church, but I’ll be home by one-forty-five at the latest.”

“Do you go to church every Sunday?”

“Uh huh. You don’t?” Her question didn’t sound judgmental, just curious.

“Haven’t been in a while.” The confession made me uncomfortable, which I didn’t understand.

“How long is a while? Weeks, months or years?”

“Years.” My confession made me feel inadequate. Funny, but it never bothered me before.

“Too bad. It always helps me deal with whatever I have to face during the week. You know, like when you jump a weak battery.”

“Interesting analogy. I guess I’ve gotten used to working on Sundays. I don’t build, demolish, paint, or dig up anything, but I reserve the day for paperwork.”

“Hey, you can’t work all the time. It’s not good for your mental state.”

“You’re probably right. My mind is constantly on the current project, and each one is time sensitive.”

She tilted her head. “What do you mean?”

“When I buy a house, it’s important to get the house on the market as soon as possible. I’m losing money with every week that passes. The longer it takes, the more daily interest is mounting up on a property. The longest I hold onto a house is ninety days. If it hasn’t sold by then, I know there’s a problem.”

Tangela clasped her hands under her chin and leaned forward as though she was sincerely interested. “Like what?”

“The listing price could be too high or something has happened in the neighborhood to turn potential buyers off.

“How long does it usually take you to sell?”

“Two or three weeks.”

“Seriously? Isn’t three weeks unusual?”

“Not when you buy a property in a good neighborhood and renovate it to be one of the best in the area. People are willing to pay for quality.”

“So you don’t actually do the work yourself then?”

“Some of it, but the majority is done by the construction and landscaping companies I subcontract.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how did you learn to flip houses? I know Tarek and Christina were realtors before they got into the house flipping business.”

She was really interested. “It’s a long, boring answer.”

“Are you in a hurry?”

“Not at all. Okay. I got my degree from Texas A&M in construction management, and initially I went to work for a big commercial construction firm for a couple of years. It didn’t take long for me to realize I didn’t want to be the guy in a dress shirt and tie walking around the job site with a clipboard. Actual involvement in the project is what I need.”

“You need to get your hands dirty,” she said with a smile.

“Right, and my degree covered planning, cost estimating, scheduling, supervision, building systems, scheduling, cost estimating, construction management, and business/labor relations.”

“So you knew you had what you needed to run your own company.”

The admiration in those pretty brown eyes as I spoke gave me a sense of pride I hadn’t felt in a long time. Many Atlanta women weren’t impressed. To them what I do for a living sounds like nothing but manual labor. Very unromantic. I wasn’t a lawyer or a doctor or a pro baller. I nodded and finished my salad.

“Amazing. I wish I could see some of your flips. I love the idea of taking an ugly place and turning it into something special. Exactly what I did with my store. The owner wanted to get it off his hands and was selling it as is. A man from my church owns a small remodeling business and did the work for a reasonable price. Besides putting in a new bathroom, most of it was cosmetic anyway.”

“Your man didn’t help you?” Why I had to know more about this dude she’d been seeing for two years without getting the commitment she seemed to want was beyond me.

“We weren’t seeing each other at the time.”

“What does he do for a living?”

“He owns a boat rental company at the lake, the only black-owned one in the area.”

“You sound proud of him.”

Her expression and careless shrug offered more insight than her words. “It’s just a statement of fact. There are only about a dozen black-owned businesses in town, and-”

The ringing of my phone interrupted her. The opening notes of Jidenna’s Classic Man let me know it was Spence. “Excuse me. I need to get this.”

“The rest of them want to move on,” he said when I answered. “I’m coming to where you are. How do I get there?”

“Come up to 431, go through the light and make your first left. It’s called Karly’s Kafe.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes.” He clicked off the call.

“Sorry. My buddy’s coming here to meet me. The rest of the guys want to go ahead.”

“How many of you are riding together?” 

“About thirty-five, which is most of our club. We’re staying at one of those resorts in PCB.”

Tangela chuckled as though she remembered something.


“Just thinking. When I was young, we would never have gone to Panama City Beach. It used to be known as the Redneck Riviera. They didn’t want us there, and we didn’t want to be there, but things have changed in the past twenty years.”

“I heard that, and they might be changing back, if this new president has his way.”

She frowned and shook her head. “Let’s not ruin a nice lunch with such a depressing subject.”

“I have the taste for something sweet. Do you want dessert?”

“No, thanks. I usually don’t eat sweets with lunch.”

“You sure? The cakes in the case up front look really good.” I rose and got ready to cross the room so I could peruse the dessert case, but the roar of a bike engine drew my attention out the front window. “That’s Spence.”

“Over here, man,” I called out a few moments later when he entered the front door. He strode over to where Tangela and I were sitting, and the eyes of all of the women in the café, including Tangela’s, widened. He and I had similar builds thanks to the work we did. Spence stood a good three inches over my six feet. His dark-skinned well-tatted upper body always drew attention, and he wasn’t shy about showing it off. Today all he had on were a pair of denim painter’s pants with no shirt beneath and one strap unhooked. When we were on the road, he threw a leather jacket on top.

“Spence, this is Tangela Holloway. She owns the bookstore here in Eufaula. This is Spencer Daniels.”

"Pleased to meet you, Tangela."

“Same here. Reese tells me you’re a member of the same motorcycle club.”

“We are.” He pulled out a chair and joined us at the table.

“I was about to have some dessert. You want something, man?”

Spence shook his head. “Go ahead.”

I proceeded to the refrigerated case, concentrated on the ten different kinds of six-layer cakes and ignored Bree’s and Karly’s expressions until Bree came close and whispered, “Is he a friend of yours?”

“Yes. Why?”               

She uttered a sound that should’ve come from me as I perused the sweets. “Is he married?”

“No. Do you want to meet him?”

“I certainly do.” Her hand went to her striking head of hair, and she gave it a confident pat.

“Can you give me a slice of the strawberry shortcake and our checks first?” I asked with a grin.

“Coming right up.”



Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sample Sunday

I haven't posted here lately, because I've been feverishly working on Born To Be Wild. Here's another unedited excerpt from Chapter One, this time in Reese's point of view.


It wasn’t my growling stomach that persuaded me to ask Tangela if I could join her for lunch, even though I was really hungry. I’d walked into Aunt Charlene’s Bookstore expecting to be helped by a matronly woman with bifocals resting on the end of her nose. Instead I’d gotten a pretty, soft-spoken, intelligent sister with curves that spoke to the innermost part of me. It had been a while since I’d felt anything like that. And if I wasn’t mistaken, she seemed interested too…at least enough to have lunch with me. Now we were sitting in her favorite café being scrutinized by her friends.

She wanted to know about my work, so after I answered her questions, I posed the one I most wanted her to answer. During our short walk to the café, I discovered she owned the bookstore. I’d wrongly assumed she was a sales associate and Aunt Charlene was the owner. “How did you become owner of the bookstore?”  She told me an amazing story about her aunt, her million dollar donation to the town library and how she’d come by the money to open the store. Two things I admired in a woman were drive and ingenuity, and Tangela seemed to have plenty of both. For a couple of minutes her face lit up as she described what her store offered beyond book sales, and the events and clubs that met there.

“Sounds like you enjoy your work.”

The cute purple-haired waitress brought our food and left without comment. Tangela bowed her head and said a silent prayer over her food, so I bowed my head too, even though I hadn’t said grace since I lived at home with my parents. It wasn’t that I had anything against it; I just never thought about it.

“I do. The receipts could be better, but I can only expect so much in a small town. To make ends meet, I do proofreading and editing for authors.”

“There are that many authors living here?”

I loved her low musical laugh. “No. I wish. I work with them online. Honestly, some months I make more from my editing work than I do in the store.” She ran her fingers through her short hair and glanced away from my face as though she was embarrassed.

“Everybody I know has some kind of side hustle going on, especially in Atlanta. It’s entrepreneur heaven. Have you ever been to the A?”

“A few years ago. I visited my cousins and really enjoyed myself.”

“Did you get to see much? There’s a lot to do in the city and the surrounding area.”

“Not really. They took me to Stone Mountain to see the laser show, but we mostly hung out at their house. I only stayed for a weekend. Atlanta seems like a beautiful place, though.”

“Most of it is, but not everywhere. So what do people do for fun in Eufaula?”

She gave a shy smile. “There isn’t much to do here. Most folks go to Dothan when they want to see a movie or go to a club or bar.”

“This is my first time riding down here. I’ve been to Miami, but I flew there. How far is Dothan?” I took a bite of my sandwich. “Your friend was right. This sandwich is good.”

“It’s a little over an hour away, depending on how you drive.”

“You have to drive an hour to see a movie?” The concept sounded ridiculous to me.

“Well, most people do Netflix these days. What do you have against Eufaula anyway?”

“I guess people Netflix and chill everywhere. I have nothing against your town. In Atlanta everything is easy to reach. So what do you like to do when you’re not running the store?” I wanted to keep her talking just so I could listen to the sound of her sweet accent, which was different from Atlanta accents. Plus, her low sultry voice caressed my senses like velvet. I bet she had a great singing voice.

“Reese? Did you hear what I said?”

Damn! I’d been so busy listening to the sound of her voice I’d missed her actual words. “I’m sorry. Has anyone ever told you what a beautiful voice you have?”

Her gaze dropped, and she shook her head. “Only Brother Wigham, the choir director at church.”

So she did sing. “He’s right.”

“I only sing in the choir. Not like Bree. She’s a real singer. Her dream is to become professional. That girl spends all her free time traveling to every club or restaurant that has karaoke night. She’s hoping somebody important will hear her.”

“That’s not the way to get noticed. Has she ever considered relocating to Atlanta? It’s the black music capital of the South. She might be able to really do something there. I have a couple of friends in the music business.”

“Actually, a few years ago she talked about moving to New York, but when she realized she couldn’t swing it financially, she gave up on the idea.”

“I can’t testify to her singing ability, but she sure has the gift of observation.” I inclined my head in her friend’s direction. Bree was leaning on the counter watching us as though we were the main exhibit at the zoo.

Tangela groaned and sent her an exaggerated eye roll. “Tact isn’t her strong suit.” Bree quickly turned away to say something to the owners leaving a rear view of her bush of violet curls.

“Are they not used to you coming here with a man?”

“Other than the man I’ve been seeing, no.”

Ahh. It only made sense that such a smart and attractive woman would already be booed up. “How long have you been together, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Going on two years.” The way she avoided looking me in the eye put questions in my mind.

“So it’s serious then.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Her lips pressed together in a slight grimace, and then she shook her head. “We’ve been together a while, but there are no plans for the future on the table.”

The hint of annoyance in her voice made it clear that there were issues in their relationship. I don’t know why I wanted to smile at the thought, but I kept my pleasure hidden. “I guess that means you two aren’t exclusive.”

“I guess you’re right.” A shadow of a smile crossed her face.

All I’d been expecting from this week was an enjoyable ride, seeing some of my buddies and maybe hooking up with a couple of the available women who showed up at these bike rallies. They made no bones about the fact that they were attracted to bikers, and they didn’t want any more than a few days of fun. When the rally ended, you kissed and said goodbye with no expectations or demands. Since my last serious relationship ended, that kind of arrangement suited me just fine, so I didn’t comprehend my fascination with Tangela's subdued sexiness. I wanted to see her again, and I had good reason to do that.


Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Release Showcase

Today's showcase features the brand new release from James Fant, an awesome writer whom I've had the pleasure of knowing for a couple of years now. 

James is an award winning author who lives in Charleston, SC with his lovely wife and two hilarious children. When he’s not reading everything from business management to mysteries or “entertaining” his family with piano solos and spoken word, James writes inspirational romance and suspense that warms the heart and hopefully makes readers laugh—in public.

COED is James' seventh release. I love relationship stories written by men, and the cover and tag line for this one have me really intrigued. 


Can a man and a woman be best friends without somebody catching feelings?

Travis Barber and Sade Styles are best friends of the opposite sex. Despite what everyone thinks, they are not getting busy...yet.

Co-owners of a popular barbershop/salon in named CoEd, Travis and Sade spend the bulk of their days together. But when Sade’s apartment lease runs out and Travis offers her the spare bedroom of his newly built house, will they end up sharing more than just the utilities?

This witty, fast-paced romance seeks to answer the question: can a man and a woman be best friends without crossing that fine line into the land of lovers. Best case scenario, nothing happens. Worst case scenario, they get to know each other a little too well and end up hating each other!

Are Travis and Sade making the best move for their friendship?


He said…

It was only a matter of time before Sade and I bumped uglies. The stars were lined up too perfectly for it not to happen. The air was too warm and sticky for us not to be hot and bothered. Lalah Hathaway was singing too good; hitting those low notes and high notes too right for us to not be affected. And Sade was wearing that black dress too well for me not to be nigh animalistic. A part of me laughed at the way I felt. Like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street when he tried to kick his cookie habit and he just couldn’t take it anymore. “Me must have cookie! NomNomNomNomNom.” In my mind, I’m chomping on that cookie and crumbs are flying everywhere.
Lalah was singing Forever, For Always, For Love. Sade and I were standing right in front of the stage. Lalah was looking good and all but that night, I only had eyes for Sade Styles, my poor little helpless cookie. She had no idea what she was in for. And she wasn’t making things better, the way she allowed me to drape my arms around her. And that dress? My goodness, that dress! It was form fitting and Sade’s form was hitting on all cylinders. The back of the dress…let me back up a minute…there was no back of the dress. It was only Sade’s skin. It’s a shame that all I could think about was sinking my teeth into her flesh. I tells ya! I was going to make Cookie Monster proud tonight.
Where was I? Yes, the dress. It cupped her backside! Did you hear what I said? The dress cupped her bottom so sweetly that I got weak in the knees when she walked out of the bathroom with it on earlier that evening. And she had the nerve to turn around, wiggle her hips and say, “What do you think?” Sade, I thought, you don’t wanna know what I’m thinking right now.
“What do you think about the dress?” she asked again when I didn’t reply immediately.
You see, it’s hard to talk when a cat has your tongue. I said something; I don’t even remember what it was. Whatever it was, it made her laugh.
“Boy, you are too silly. Let’s go.”
I was watching her walk in front of me, watching her turn around and smile as I lagged behind.
“Something wrong with your leg?” she asked. “Why are you walking like that?”
Well, Sade, I am extremely aroused right now. And I’m trying to situate myself without you noticing. “Must be a Charley horse,” I lied.
“You need me to rub your leg?”
Come on, man! You’re playing dirty now.
“Nah, I’m good.”
She paused, turned around and said, “Are you sure?”
Let me stop right here and tell you about how Sade smelled at that point in time. It was something sweet, something devious. The perfume was actually visible to me, surrounding her like a beautiful cloud. A hand formed from that cloud and its cloudy arm extended toward my nose. Tickled it. Gently caressed my chin. I swear the cloud asked me if I wanted Sade. I nodded my head yes.
“So you do want me to rub your leg?” she asked.
“No!” If she touched me right now…
“Okay,” she said as she turned around slowly. “Maybe later?”
I shook my leg. Situated myself. This was going to be a long evening.

Purchase Links

Barnes and Noble:

Contact Information

Twitter: @jamesfantjr

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New Release Showcase

Today I am please to feature the brand new release from Christian and inspirational author Natasha Frazier

About The Author

Since graduating from Jackson State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting, Natasha earned a Masters of Science degree in Accounting from Texas A&M University. Aside from being an author, Natasha is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 

Natasha has authored three devotional books. Her first book is The Life Your Spirit Craves (released November 2012), a 30-Day devotional and journal that encourages readers to seek, accept and pursue their God-given assignment. The Life Your Spirit Craves won the Readers’ Choice Award at the Christian Literary Awards November 2013. Her second book, Not Without You: 365 Days in the Lord’s Presence (released March 2014) encourages readers to make devotion a part of their everyday life by seeking God every day. Not Without You has been nominated for the Henri Award. The Henri Award recognizes excellence in Christian literature. The Life Your Spirit Craves for Mommies is a 52-week devotional for mothers that encourages them to see God at work in their lives through their role as a mother. Natasha has also began a fiction series that focuses on real and relevant issues in today’s society, such as sex, adultery, blended families and more! Her debut series contains three titles - Love, Lies & Consequences, Through Thick & Thin, and Shattered Vows.

With a love for God’s people, especially women and children, Natasha channels her passion through writing and participating in SASSy, an organization whose focus is to inspire and encourage women to take second steps and become the person God has called them to be. Each month, women participating in SASSy select a different cause and give our time and resources by volunteering in the community. We have volunteered at women’s shelters, Kids’ Meals, Inc. and have performed random acts of kindness throughout the Houston, TX area.

Natasha resides in Missouri City, TX with her husband, Eddie Frazier, Jr. and their three children, Eden, Ethan, and Emilyn. Her greatest joy and commitment is to her family who she hopes to inspire above all else. One of her many mottos in life is: Faith removes limitations.
About The Book

Rico gambled with his marriage when he cheated on Chloe. Breaking his vows and risking everything for temporary pleasure, he lost his wife’s respect and trust.

Rico returns to God, searching for a quick fix to win Chloe’s heart back, but his heart is the one that is changed. He is a self-proclaimed changed man, willing to go the extra mile to restore his marriage, but he just may be too late.

Has Chloe given up on him? She has forgiven him before, but this is different. "I’m sorry" isn't enough when vows have been shattered. With the law and the Word of the Lord on her side, she finally gathers enough courage to walk away.

But then tragedy strikes. Is it enough to make Chloe stay, or will she start a new chapter in her life?

Rico let out a low whistle as Chloe descended the stairs with her matching camel-colored clutch under her arm. She was beautiful and he made sure she knew it.

“I’m the luckiest man in the world to have you on my arm tonight. You look beautiful, sweetie,” Rico complimented as he took her hand when she descended to the last three steps. When she made it to the bottom, he lifted her hand and brushed her wedding band with his fingers before planting a kiss on her hand.

“Thank you.” Chloe blushed a little and returned the compliment. “You look nice, too.” She noticed that he was wearing her favorite cologne as well, but didn’t make mention of it. Rico placed her hand around his arm and escorted her to the car. Their drive to the Improv was filled with chatter from Rico about what they did on previous anniversaries. She didn’t add much to the conversation, only nodded and smiled mostly. She had to admit that those times were nice, but this one was much different. In her mind was the insurmountable obstacle in front of them.

Rico had purchased their tickets online so they walked straight past the ticket booth to the entrance, where they were greeted by a hostess and shown to their VIP table near the stage. Noting the dim lighting, soft R&B music and the newly renovated facility, Chloe remembered their first date at the Improv, where they saw the comedian Arnez J in standup. They laughed until their stomachs and throats were in pain. She was hoping she would get another whiff of that tonight, although she didn’t know who the comedian was going to be. She just knew that she could use a laugh right about now. And not just any laugh, but a magic laugh that would take away all of the pain that she was feeling and trying so hard to push aside. The type of laughter that would somehow wipe the slate clean for the two of them. She was sure there was no such thing, but she was ready for the magic she hoped the night would bring for her.

She ordered a Caesar salad and he ordered buffalo wings to enjoy before the show started. On cue, the show began when the waitress came to take away their empty plates. They were tickled a little by the warm-up acts but nothing like what she was waiting for. However, she was feeling more relaxed and her body didn’t stiffen as it did earlier when Rico pulled her chair closer to his and put his arm around her.

There were still a few residual laughs from the crowd as the host appeared onstage to announce the headliner for the night—Will the Thrill. Chloe didn’t recognize the comedian’s stage name, so she knew she hadn’t heard any of his jokes before. New material. Great.
Will the Thrill jumped straight into his routine after the round of applause subsided. His first joke was about dating and how he wasn’t ready to commit to his girlfriend by getting married.

“C’mon now men. Y’all know how much extra work it is to hide the side woman when you get married. Gotta put all these codes in your phone, use aliases and lie, lie, lie. Even when you get caught, stick to the lie. Ain’t that right my man?” he joked as he gestured toward Rico.

Her anticipation waned at those jokes. In fact, they weren’t funny at all. Bad choice in her mind. What began to tick her off was that Rico was doubled over in laughter . . . clearly, something he shouldn’t have been laughing at given the situation they were in.

“What in the hell is so funny, Rico?” she sneered, leaning to the side to look up at him wiping tears from his eyes.

“What?” Rico asked, clearly confused.

“So cheating is funny?”

“Sweetie, these are just jokes. C’mon now.”

“I’m glad you think ruining our marriage and our lives is funny. I’m getting out of here!” Chloe scooted away from the table, snatched her purse and walked away with Rico following close behind.

“Looks like someone got caught doing what I just said not to do!” the comedian joked to their retreating backs as they exited the room, causing an uproar in the crowd.

Rico grabbed her hand and she spun around. She yanked her hand back and folded her arms across her chest. The look she gave would have killed him if looks could kill. Infidelity was a sore spot with her and definitely not a laughing matter. Rico couldn’t understand why she took it so seriously. Everyone in the room, except her, knew that those were only jokes. There was no reason to get upset over nothing. But to Chloe it wasn’t nothing; it was the reason her life was turned upside down.

Genre: Christian Fiction
ISBN-10: 0988452197
ISBN-13: 978-0988452190
Book Release Date: January 31, 2017

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Cover Reveal!

    I am so excited to reveal the gorgeous new cover for Born to be Wild, Book One in my upcoming Lake Series

    Thanks to Cover Me Book Covers for another great one. Right now I'm looking at a late May release. I'll be sharing more excerpts here soon.

Monday, January 30, 2017

What I'm reading...

Over the weekend I finished reading Nia Forrester's Young, Rich and Black. Since I haven't been very consistent with posting about my reading, you may not know that she is one of my top three favorite authors. 

I'd been waiting with baited breath for her to release something new, and this novella, which is the latest addition to her Afterwards series, hit the spot. The story follows Deuce Scaife, the son of one of her previous characters.

I absolutely suck at writing reviews, so I'm going to take the liberty of copying a great review from another reader, SabrinaS (on

Sometimes, I get in a reading "slump". I'd been in one for a couple of months before I picked Young, Rich And Black out of my queue of newly purchased books to read. Nia Forrester is a go-to for me and has been from the moment I read Commitment. To expect that she'd be able to free me wasn't unreasonable.

It's HOW she does it that is so freakin' amazing! I love this author's voice. There is something about how she weaves a story that not only pulls you in...but envelopes you into that reading place where you realize you've been not just pulled in, - but fully immersed in the world of her beautifully, expertly, complex and artfully flawed characters. I almost didn't read this story because I knew that Chris "Deuce" Scaife, Jr. was young. I thought "how could a story about someone so young compete with the likes of the couples this author has so perfectly captured in her other novels?" I'm here to say that Deuce and Zora's story is no exception - you forget that they are super young because they're developed and focused in a way that transcends chronological age - they're just two exceptional people in a present day struggle. A struggle that isn't just about love - but about choices.

Choosing to read this book is one of the smartest choices I've made this year. It was exceptional."
If you're looking for a wonderful read, you can get Young, Rich and Black here - 

And you can check out Nia's other fabulous books on her web site: