Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Release Spotlight and Contest!

Today the spotlight is on my friend and fellow author Chelle Ramsey. Chelle has just released the final novel in her Bejeweled series entitled Standing Strong. Before we get into the book, let me tell you a little bit about Chelle.

An original Georgia Peach, Chelle Ramsey is a fiction author, writing stories to encourage, empower, entertain and strengthen readers. Many of her stories are based in her birthplace of Atlanta or her husband’s hometown of Cincinnati, where readers can relate to local hot spots and events. She wants her readers (women and men) to become empowered to rise above adversity, with faith in God, and belief in themselves.

Chelle holds an MBA in Human Resource Management, which she puts to use in her HR generalist role by day, while she writes her women’s fiction and Christian fiction novels by night. She is also a romance ghostwriter, a genre very diverse from her own.

Her most important roles are those of a wife and mother of three. During her “me time,” she loves listening to music, and becomes enraptured with the enthralling stories of Terry McMillan, and Nora Roberts. She especially relishes trying to solve the engaging mysteries of James Patterson and Stuart Woods, while eating a bowl of her favorite butter pecan ice cream. Chelle resides in a rural community of Atlanta, GA and enjoys writing, family time, and watching NBA games with her husband.


Olivia has overcome many challenges and disappointments in her life. Yet, when faced with an unexpected death of a family member, and witnessing the murder of someone she cares for, she isn’t sure she can survive. The losses incurred on this journey may cause her to pay the ultimate sacrifice.

The return of Black and Kianna means the puzzle pieces of Angel’s life are finally locking into place. The picture is different than she envisioned. Angel must determine if uncovering the truth of their past, is worth the sacrifice of her new relationship.

Kianna’s played dirty in the past, but this time the fight is deadly. She’s willing to go all in to expose the truth, which will cause everyone in the game to ante up. Will her sacrifice be more than she bargained for?

Black’s gambled several times in the past, but this time the stakes are high. With his life and those of his family serving as the bargaining chips, it isn’t that easy to fold. To protect those he loves the most, he may have to sacrifice his own life to save theirs.

Angel. Kianna. Black. In the end everyone must bear their cross. And the truth is so explosive, the House will never be the same. One will stand strong and walk away. One will stand strong and make the ultimate sacrifice. And one will stand strong and won’t survive!

The doorbell buzzed, waking Black from a nap. He had fallen asleep on the couch after TJ left. Looking at his cell phone, he noticed he had missed several calls. He had been asleep for over two hours.

Damn, how did that happen? Shaking his head, he smiled, recalling he had placed the phone on vibrate after his son left. Although it was his birthday, he decided to chill. This birthday was different than any of the previous ones. No longer hanging in a nightclub with his boys and a few women around as usual, today he chose to relax and reflect on his life.

The doorbell buzzed again, forcing him to get up to answer it.

“Whachu want?” he asked, not surprised to see Kianna.

“You,” she said, forcing her way through the door. She held a bottle of champagne and a couple of balloons in one hand and a small, wrapped box in the other.

“C’mon, girl. Why you here?” Irritation colored his voice.

“Duh? It’s your birthday. And since I had a feeling you weren’t out partying, I decided to bring a little private party to you.” She shrugged her shoulders and sashayed through the apartment to the bedroom.

Black caught up with her and grabbed her by the arm. “Look, I thought I told you I was done with you, girl. Wassup?”

“You’re not done with me! Black, you can’t get rid of me like that,” Kiana replied, snatching her arm from his grasp.

Pulling her form-fitting white mini dress up her ample hips and over her head, she tossed it to the floor, freeing her full breasts.  She wore absolutely nothing underneath, and Black’s body betrayed him as it went on alert. With her firm, luscious breasts bouncing and behind jiggling, he recalled what it felt like being inside of her, holding her, kissing her, and sexing her.

“C’mon, baby, what we had was good,” Kianna said, pressing up against him and kissing his neck.

His mind and flesh warred against each other. Giving in would mean going back into the life he was trying to escape. He didn’t know what it meant to ignore her. He could only try that route again and see what it brought.

“Please…put your clothes on, and get out!”

Kianna refused to back down, instead choosing to stroke his manhood. “You don’t mean that. You’re all lip service, because your body’s saying something different,” she purred.
Black groaned against what he was feeling. “Shit don’t matter, I said leave!” He let his mind wonder to the feeling of cold ice on his back, being shot, and roadkill. Anything that would eliminate sexual thoughts from his mind and ease the tension he allowed to flow. Somehow it worked, and his manhood began cooperating with him.

“Black, I brought you a present, part of which was me. Seeing how you’re not appreciative of my gift, then maybe you’d like this one better.” Kianna strutted back to the bed and grabbed the little box.

“Here, open it!” she commanded, thrusting it in his hands.

Sighing and tired of playing her games, he reluctantly followed her instructions. Although he had just taken a nap, he felt depleted of energy simply being in her presence. His back and neck were aching, and he wanted to ease the pain. Wondering what was in the box, he made his way to his bed.

He looked up at her briefly while unwrapping it. “What’re you smirking for?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m just thinking about how good we were together. There’s nothing I won’t do to make me and you a team again,” Kianna stated.

“What the hell is this?” Black asked, pulling a tape recorder from the box.

“What does it look like? Listen to it; there’s a birthday message on it.” She smiled, pointing at the small rectangular grey device in his hand.

Black hit the play button and began listening. Cold chills ran down his spine as he heard his own voice. There were several conversations recorded of him setting up drugs buys. There were also other recordings of him making arrangements for Starr and Kandi, two dancers he had met at the strip club.


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