Monday, January 16, 2017


It is with enormous pride that I present an important new release from a young man I've known all of his life. 


Thomas Holt has written a book that has importance to all Americans regardless of race.

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Black & Blue is Thomas Holt’s invaluable personal insight and reaction to the sensationalized news headlines, “Police Shoot Unarmed Black Man.” Holt provides thought-provoking conversations and personal stories of walking on both sides of the “thin blue line.” With over a decade of law enforcement experience, Holt offers historical narratives and research on the implementation of the first organized police force created over 200 years ago. Tommy is doing his part to ease racial tensions, injustice and mistreatment of police interactions with African- Americans. Holt strongly believes that if his Come Home S.C.H.O.O.L. approach is utilized, it will save the lives of both citizens and police officers.

Black & Blue​ examines the intersection between race, culture and our inherent biases. The book artfully describes the humanity of the citizen and the complexity of the job officers are charged to perform. This book is a must read for all individuals in the ​Black and Blue 
​ communities. - William A. Dudley Jr. Esq. 

 "​Black & Blue​ ​is essential reading for all those who really want to participate in the improvement of police and community relations. It is a unique view from both sides of the line that everyone can learn from."  - John Celestand 2000 NBA LA Lakers Champion 

Officer Holt has written a heartfelt and brutally honest book, which has statistical data for any doubters of the truth.The journey of his youth and as young police officer is a story that many Black police officers have lived through and is a key reason why they chose to become law enforcement officers, to make a difference. 

This book should be read by all including potential law enforcement officers to realize that there are some legitimate reasons for distrust of the police. Yet that should not stop law enforcement officers from doing their jobs to make communities safe and prove that 97% of police officers work hard, and are there to serve and protect, and not to abuse and mistreat. Very proud of this young man. - Craig McQueen Retired Assistant Chief City of Miami Police Department 

“Thomas Holt's new book is a reminder of the perceptions of our citizens and police officers. This book offers a view from a minority and a police officer in today's 21st Century society. He has provided an excellent example of Impacting Lives Today For A Better Tomorrow. This serves as a reminder that we all are connected by a commonality which is the human race. - Ian A. Moffett Chief of Police, Miami-Dade Schools Police Department 

Black & Blue is available in paperback on - 

Coming soon to Kindle...

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