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Book Feature: Naked Attraction ~ A Sweet & Sexy Romance and Enticed Forever ~ A Bad Boy Romance

I am proud and excited to shine the spotlight on my friend, Stella Ajanaku's two latest releases!


Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural
No of Pages: 262
ISBN: 978-1542402040 (Paperback)

Quote:  “As long as you lock me up in the same cell as you, I’ll be happy to spend a long time behind bars without complaining.” ~ Mofe.

Read Naked Attraction to find out how Mofe, a hot & sexy Café owner tempts and pursues Ronke, a feisty & sassy female District Judge.

 ~ A dangerous attraction…is mounting ~

Replaying her hip-wriggling dance steps in his head, Mofe is on the trail of a dancer he saw in a beach club in Europe. No one seems to recall who she is, not even the beach club owner. But he has her picture on his phone. When he walks into the city’s courtroom and sets eyes on the female District Judge presiding over his brother’s case, he knows he has found the elusive dancer. Whether or not his brother receives a jail sentence is in her hands.

Caring for her little sister takes up most of Ronke’s free time, but she knows how to juggle work with having a good time abroad dancing on bar tables. The moment Ronke locks gaze with the dark, gorgeous man with rippling muscles and tattooed arms, a dangerous attraction sizzles inside her. With no plans to forgo her current no-strings secret affair, she disappears without a trace, hoping never to see the stranger again. But when he walks into her courtroom, her stomach walls tighten and she can barely breathe.

Can Mofe convince a woman who holds the key to his brother’s future to date him? And will Ronke deny her attraction to protect her reputation?

~ From the Author of His Ring ~ A Sweet & Steamy Romance ~

Purchase Links:

Createspace Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/6843469


     “The question is why would a magistrate judge be spotted dancing on a bar table in nothing but a bra and thong in one of Europe’s beach clubs? And then appear serious on Monday morning in a London courtroom wearing a wig and black gown?” While he waited for her answer, he took a passing look around her chambers.

Thick, leather-bound books graced wooden shelves on every side, but the room was immaculate and clean. Grey carpets complimented the beige upper walls.

The gold and black name plaque on the desk indicated her name was District Judge Ronke Oni.

“What I do with my time is none of your business,” Ronke snapped as she swivelled around. But a sly grin wired her full lips as she got up on her feet.

Gone was the dark gown. And so was the funny wig. Now, her silky white ruffled top fell wide open, enough for him to see the swell of her cleavage.

Peeling his eyes away from her chest was not easy, but he tried. With the black skirt suit plastered around her body so tight, she looked like a bomb waiting to explode.

Electric currents flashed through his body and he laughed to quench the upsurge.

Up close, she looked a little older than he’d thought, still, she was a raving beauty.

“And what was it you wanted from the dancer?” Ronke asked with her arms folded beneath her busts, pushing her breasts further out of her top.

And for a fleeting second, he wondered if she wedged her full breasts with a lacy bra.

“Are you kidding me, Ma’am? You’re not going to deny the fact you’re an erotic dancer over the weekend and a learned woman during the week?”

With her butt perched against her curved walnut desk and her legs crossed at the ankle, she looked like a sexy model about to strip off her clothes for the camera.

And as long as he was the photographer, they would have an album of perfect shots.

“Since you took the trouble to trace me down here...” she started.

Book Title: Enticed Forever ~ A Bad Boy Romance

Author: Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku
Genre: Romance/Contemporary/Interracial/Multicultural
No of Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-1542402040 (Paperback)

Quote from Enticed Forever

I can’t move on. She has everything I never knew I wanted in a woman. – Theo Galanos


~ An Attraction…so Irresistible ~

Millionaire bad boy, Theo Galanos has two things worked out. Women want anything money can buy. And he has no problems keeping them sweet as long as his heart is not involved. But when he hits a car and sends it spinning off the road, he meets Aize, an attractive woman in a figure-hugging dress who wants nothing he has to offer. Nothing prepares him for the body-popping tension which grips his chest and nearly sweeps him off his feet.

Aize must find the President of Galanos Holdings, get him to approve the all-important contract if she must secure the promotion she wants. But the mysterious man, rumoured to be Hampshire’s bad boy is hard to catch. When her car is bumped off the road and she opens her eyes on a hospital bed, the exotic-speaking and muscular man staring down at her sends shockwaves through her cleavage.

Faced with the sexy man who only gives a woman what money can buy, Aize is torn between giving up on her promotion and allowing her heart sway her head. Will Theo let go of his selfish desire?

Purchase Links

Amazon US Paperback: http://amzn.to/2pnsCp1

Createspace Paperback: https://www.createspace.com/6945767


 Aize raised her eyebrows at the insane assumption she would even consider going anywhere with Theo – a man she had just met.

‘You will be in good hands,’ the doctor carried on. ‘Theo has assured me he will drive you home and make sure you follow my advice. I understand your car is quite a wreck at the moment.’ Doctor Garrick emphasized the word, wreck as if she needed a reminder. At least she was not dead, a damaged car could be replaced.

Narrowing her eyes at Theo, Aize whispered, ‘Are you a doctor or a nurse? And why do you think I’ll go anywhere with you? I could always take a taxi.’ But the idea of getting into a taxi in her condition made her want to puke.

Shaking his head with his brow furrowed, Theo spoke gently in her ear. ‘Although I’m neither a doctor nor a nurse, there’s nothing a week’s rest, good food and tender loving care can’t put right in your situation. I will look after you if you’ll allow me.’

Theo’s heated breath blew her skin hot and her body trembled. Not to mention his vibrating voice in her ear. Pressing her lips to keep from moaning out loud, Aize nodded. There was no point exchanging words with this man, he just did not give up.

‘Okay, you win,’ she conceded just to get Theo off her back.

Her self-imposed caregiver for the next week stretched to his full height and shook hands with Doctor Garrick. ‘Thank you, Doc for all your help.’

Theo’s grin, which was not even aimed at her, left a honey feeling inside her stomach.

As soon as Doctor Garrick left the room, silence took control, heightening the slowly building tension between Theo and Aize.

To ease the edgy moment, she looked up at him, and he winked at her with a cute grin on his lips. Again, she lowered her lashes, but not before a small chuckle raced out of her mouth.

One would think they were flirting, but Aize was doing no such thing. At least that was what she believed.

About the Author
I'm Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, the author of several toe-curling & heart-fluttering Flirty & Feisty Romance Novels consisting of Contemporary/Interracial and Historical & Paranormal Romance. There are 17 published books so far.

Just so you know, I'm a romantic freak, mother of two fun - loving teenagers, married to my gorgeous husband and we live in London, UK. If my teens had their way, they would fill our home with a dozen pets. Swimming on my back like a star-fish is one of my skills.

My stories are dotted with unexpected twists and are set in fascinating Africa, enticing Europe and enchanting America. An emotional spin is what you get when you read my books. Please write or connect with me on social media. I love reading from you. https://www.amazon.com/Stella-Eromonsere-Ajanaku/e/B004LXE09E/ 

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Surprising support!

Yesterday I got the surprise of my life. New York Times Bestselling author and the undisputed queen of African-American historical romance Beverly Jenkins, posted a promo for Born To Be Wild on her Facebook group page!

Something like this is rare and it means a lot to a little-known author like me. Ms. Bev, as she is affectionately called by her readers, has thousands of followers on Facebook, and a nod from her carries a lot of weight with readers.

If you've never read anything by the amazing Beverly Jenkins check out her extensive historical and contemporary novels here.

I've read everything Ms. Bev has written, and needless to say, I am so thankful for her support. My sales numbers had a significant spike overnight.  Yesterday was a good day...


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

New Release!

Now available on Kindle!

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Monday, June 5, 2017


My sisterscribe, Theresa Hodge is having a sale on the latest installment in her series! 

Sale Dates: June 4th-7th for 0.99.
Noelle's Rock 5


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…" All that Erick Gordon loves can easily be lost, if he doesn’t change this fact about Shelby Monroe. The end is near...much closer than he realizes. World War III, also known as Shelby Monroe, will ensue if he doesn't come to his senses and soon. But the events from a horrible day in his past, paralyzes him every time he thinks of proposing to the woman he loves.

Shelby realizes her worst fear of forever being a bridesmaid and never a bride. While others close to her celebrate their new marriages, she simmers in resentment of being single. Will she abandon the loving relationship she's built with Erick because of her demand to be a bride? Or will Eric's love for her be strong enough to forgive his past and give in to the desires of the only heart that beats in sync with his?

Shelby and Erick must learn that love means patience, endurance, forgiveness and most of all taking chances. Follow the friends of Noelle and Beau Barringer in this enthralling tale of Shelby's Demand in book 5 of the Noelle's Rock series.


Sunday, June 4, 2017

Final sneak peek!

Born To Be Wild is coming back from my editor at the end of this week. As I promised, here is the last UNEDITED sneak peek into Tangie and Reese's story.

* * * * *

“I’ll see you Sunday afternoon. Hope you’ll take a ride with me before I take Karly out.”

The idea made me queasy. “Me? Oh, no. Motorcycles scare me.”

“Why? I know what I’m doing.”

“It doesn’t have anything to do with you. I don’t think they’re safe, and you’re basically sitting out in the middle of traffic with nothing to protect you. If somebody hits you, you’re road kill.”

He threw his head back and laughed showing off pretty white teeth. “Just because you’re in a cage doesn’t mean you’re protected. Maneuverability is more important. Guess I’m going to have to change your mind.”

Over my dead body which is probably what would happen if I got on the back of that beast with him.

Spence came out wearing a satisfied male smile. “You ready, Sledge?”

I gave him a curious frown.

“It’s my biker name, because my favorite tool when I do demolition is a sledgehammer. It helps me release my aggression.”

“Fascinating. What’s yours, Spence?” He glanced away, and I could’ve sworn he blushed beneath his chocolate skin.


“And the reason is?”

Spence pursed his lips and let Reese answer. “Because he’s been known to cast spells on women.”

Spence walked to the curb and mounted his impressive bike. “Is that so? Well, you two have a safe ride. Be careful.”

“Always,” Reese assured me. “Aren’t you walking back to your store?”

“Not right now.” I sent him a conspiratorial grin.

“Are you going to give me your address, or are we meeting at the restaurant?”

“I’m sorry.” I reached into my purse and wrote my home address on the back of one of my store business cards. Reese took it, gently chucked me under my chin, and then climbed onto Spence’s bike. I watched until he disappeared from my sight before I went back inside. Karly and Bree were sitting with their arms folded like two disapproving parents when I went back inside.

“All right, Tangie, what’s going on?” Karly asked

“What are you talking about?”

“You were looking at him like you didn’t even remember Johnnie’s name.”

“Johnnie who?”

“Oh, Tangie, you should be ashamed,” Karly chided me.

Bree tilted her head to the side. “You know it’s going to get back to him.”

That was true. I had no idea who else had seen me walking to the café with Reese. In a town as small as Eufaula, gossip spread like wildfire. “I know you both like Johnnie, but we’re not married, or engaged or anything else that’s even semi-official.”

“You know he’s crazy about you, girl,” Bree insisted. “You don’t want to mess that up over some guy you don’t even know.”

“I only sat in a public place and had a sandwich with a stranger.” Probably the boldest thing I’d done in years. The store had sufficient receipts, and I was basically content, but living in a small town could be so boring. I needed some excitement in my life. “Is that against the law?”

Karly leaned forward and slid her chair closer. “And then you let him pay for it.”

Their inquisition started to upset me. “What is it with you two? You’re always encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone. If you’re my friends, why are you so concerned about Johnnie?”

“Come on, Tangie, he’s the most eligible black man in town.”

“That’s not saying a whole lot.” Blacks made up about forty-four percent of Eufaula’s  population; the median income for a household was thirty-five thousand dollars, and the pickings were slim to say the least.

Karly’s husband had been listening and decided to join the conversation. “He owns his own business, and you two have known each other forever.”

I grunted. “Maybe that’s the problem, Sal. We’re so used to each other; he takes it for granted that I’ll always be there for him.”

“He’s big and sexy,” Bree added to the Johnnie Ellison praise chorus.

“Not as big or as sexy as what just left here, and you know I’m telling the truth.” I glared at the three of them. I didn’t owe Johnnie anything, and in all honesty, hearing about me having lunch with another man might put a fire under him. “I have to get back to the store.”