Sunday, July 23, 2017


As of yesterday, I was 4,453 words in on A Song For You, Book Two in The Lake Series. This is Breelyn's story. If you read Born To Be Wild, you know that Bree is Tangie's best friend. She's the waitress with the purple hair and a singer whose dream is to become a recording artist.

I always need to start with the visuals of my characters, and this is the one I put together for Book Two.

Originally, I'd considered having Spence be Bree's love interest, but after brainstorming with a few of my author buddies, I needed to present her with a challenge. She and Spence are too much alike - rebels who delight in going against the expected. So I decided to use gorgeous model/actor Travis Cure as the character role model for the man who comes into Bree's life.

Tangie left Eufaula, Alabama, the small lake town that my husband and I visited last summer, at the end of Book One. I didn't want Bree leaving too, so even though her career will be centered in Atlanta, I came up with a reason for her to stay. After all, the series is about Eufaula.

In keeping with the titles of my other books, this one has a theme song. A Song For You was made famous by the late Donny Hathaway. I'm sure you've heard dozens of contestants on American Idol/The Voice/America's Got Talent use it as their audition song.  Donny's version is my favorite, but since this is Bree's story, I wanted it sung by a female. This cover by Christina Aguilera is wonderful!


I will be keeping you updated on the progress of the story as I write. Until next time...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Status Update

Sales of Born To Be Wild have been wonderful. On Friday morning more than  600 copies had been purchased, and it hasn't been a month yet! Thank you to everyone who bought the book. Your support is appreciated more than you know. 💓


Since the book released I've been spending most of my time on marketing and promotion. In addition to my regular social networking promotion, I did three author takeovers and one interview in some of the Facebook reader groups and a fourteen-stop blog tour.

Beverly Jenkins, the queen of African-American historical romance and one of my favorite authors, even did an unexpected promo for me on Facebook, which put a stupid grin on my face for days.

Now it's time to get back to writing. I started writing the first chapter of A Song For You, Book Two in The Lake Series this week and also created a first draft of the story photo collage. This is Breelyn's story. She is the best friend of Tangela, the female protagonist in Born To Be Wild, and from the comments I've read so far, readers seem to really like her.

Naturally, I'll be adding more pictures as the secondary characters show up. I already know who a couple of them are, but I need to sit down and work on an outline. All I have at this point are random story notes. I'm 2,000 words into the story, but since I'm not a pantser, I need a more structured guideline from which to work.

I'll keep you posted on how it's going. 😊

Thursday, July 6, 2017

New Release Spotlight

Write Now Literary is pleased to announce Until Ray Virtual Book Tour, with author Cheryl Robinson. June 19- July 14, 2017. 
Releasing "free" June 27 at select ebook retailers. 
Genre: Adult Fiction, Contemporary
About The Author
Cheryl currently resides in the Sunshine State with plans to return to her hometown Detroit shortly. For the past fifteen years, she has been busy writing contemporary women’s fiction. While writing is her first love, making delicious green smoothies is easily her second. She also enjoys spoiling her miniature Schnauzer and whipping up healthy meals from recipes she finds online.
About The Book
Two people in the same city but worlds apart. Until Ray is an unconventional love story of how two young people transitioning into adulthood find each other and develop a bond that will be tested through three decades. RAY IS LOST … He lives in northwest Detroit with his mother. When he’s not at home, he’s either at the mall selling women’s shoes or in the club. In both places, he's focused on one thing—picking up women. Only now he’s ready to make a change but isn’t sure how to do it. THEN SARITA ARRIVES … At twenty-four, she has an MBA, is a CPA, and works in upper-level management at GM. But all that success comes at a cost: she’s lonely and craves the one thing she’s never had—attention from men. Dive into a love story filled with soul-searching drama told from two very different perspectives. Until Ray, the first book of a trilogy, is set in the mid-eighties in Detroit, where the author was born and raised.
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