Sunday, July 23, 2017


As of yesterday, I was 4,453 words in on A Song For You, Book Two in The Lake Series. This is Breelyn's story. If you read Born To Be Wild, you know that Bree is Tangie's best friend. She's the waitress with the purple hair and a singer whose dream is to become a recording artist.

I always need to start with the visuals of my characters, and this is the one I put together for Book Two.

Originally, I'd considered having Spence be Bree's love interest, but after brainstorming with a few of my author buddies, I needed to present her with a challenge. She and Spence are too much alike - rebels who delight in going against the expected. So I decided to use gorgeous model/actor Travis Cure as the character role model for the man who comes into Bree's life.

Tangie left Eufaula, Alabama, the small lake town that my husband and I visited last summer, at the end of Book One. I didn't want Bree leaving too, so even though her career will be centered in Atlanta, I came up with a reason for her to stay. After all, the series is about Eufaula.

In keeping with the titles of my other books, this one has a theme song. A Song For You was made famous by the late Donny Hathaway. I'm sure you've heard dozens of contestants on American Idol/The Voice/America's Got Talent use it as their audition song.  Donny's version is my favorite, but since this is Bree's story, I wanted it sung by a female. This cover by Christina Aguilera is wonderful!


I will be keeping you updated on the progress of the story as I write. Until next time...

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