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New Release Showcase

Stand-Alone: yes
Series: Afterwards
Publisher: Stiletto Press, LLC
Publication Date:  April 19, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Fiction, New Adult
Heat Level: Sensual
Book Blitz: April 25, 2019


“Maybe friendship is all that’s realistic for us right now.”

With those words, Zora ended their long-distance relationship, shattering Deuce’s vision of a life with the only woman he’s ever loved. But after months of silence, he thought he was over it. He’d moved on, hadn’t he? And as far as he knew, she might have done the same. Now Zora is back from California, and he’s thrown into an immediate tailspin. Nothing’s changed.

She’s the one, the only, his rhyme, and his reason …

But this ain’t no college romance. There are serious, grown-folks’ obstacles standing in the way, and the other woman in his life isn’t even the half of it.

And sometimes growing up might mean moving on …

Over a few short summer weeks, Deuce and Zora will have to decide whether the great love they shared in the past, is enough of a foundation to build a future.

He found her sitting in the dark, in the small living room that was flanked on one side by changing areas, and about fifteen feet of windows, and on the other by a small apartment-like living space, complete with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom. When Deuce entered, she barely looked up.  
“Hi,” he said, collapsing on the two-seater sofa next to her.

Her feet were propped up on the coffee table. Deuce lifted them and turned her, so they rested on his lap instead, and she was facing him.
“Are you really donating fifty-thousand dollars to my cousin?” she asked.
“Yeah. I really am.”
“Can you afford that?”
He looked at her expressionless of a moment and then they were both laughing. 
“You know what I mean. I mean, is it worth …”
“It absolutely is.”
“You think he’s that good?”
“I think he’s good, yeah. I don’t know anything about filmmaking, or documentaries. But I do know he’s your cousin, and I know he gave me something tonight. Something I’m not sure you ever would’ve given me. And it was worth a hell of a lot more than fifty-grand.”
“What’s that?” Her voice was quiet.
“A reason,” Deuce said.
Zora said nothing, but instead looked away from him, and out at the infinity pool.
“I love that pool,” she said dreamily. “It’s the nicest pool I’ve ever been in. I’ve never been in or seen a nicer pool since.”
“Am I right, Zee?” he asked, using his forefinger to turn her head so she was facing him again. “Was all that the reason you …”
“Regan’s very pretty,” she said unexpectedly.
“She is,” he acknowledged, eyes fixed on her.
“Beautiful, even.”
“Yeah, maybe. Probably.” Deuce shrugged.
“She looks exactly like your type. Actually, she looks like she would be basically every man’s type.”
“I sort of wanted to kick her ass when I met her,” Zora said, her tone matter-of-fact.
Then they were laughing again, but there was an edge of sadness to hers. 
Deuce tugged at her boots, until he got them off. She let him remove them without protest. Dropping them at his feet, he began massaging her insoles. Zora didn’t object to that either.
“Since when have you been flouncing around in high heels all the time?”
“I wasn’t … flouncing,” she said, spluttering into laughter. “I don’t flounce. I wouldn’t even know how.”
“That dude Nicolas sure was staring like you were,” he said. “Is he the one who you were …?”
“Well, he’s got an ass-kicking coming to him too.”
“No need. He’s … It was just two dates, and anyway you …”
“Don’t say ‘and anyway you’re with someone’.”
“But you are.”
“You know what’s up. Just say the word.”
“And you know me,” she said, shaking her head. “Those aren’t words I’d say.” 

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About Nia Forrester
Nia Forrester lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA where, by day, she is an attorney working on public policy and by night, she crafts woman-centered fiction that examines the complexities of life, love and the human condition.

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