Friday, October 28, 2011

Fun Friday - sexy scary ...

All over the blogosphere people are talking about Halloween. Since this is one "holiday" my family and I don't do, I thought I'd talk about a semi-related subject.

Real fear is nothing to play with, and it's topic I'll leave to the psychological and ministry blogs to elaborate on.

I want to talk about men ... the sexy, scary ones. In my opinion, the king of sexy scary has always been Dracula. Growing up, the only Dracula I knew was the original, played by Bela Lugosi.

For his day and time, he was the slick, mysterious count that made women swoon under his power. As a little kid, he scared the heck out of me when he'd suddenly morph into a bat and fly away.

Lugosi's character provided the foundation for all of the cinema vampires to follow - some who were drop dead (pardon the pun) sexy and some who were downright frightening.

This is my take on the evolution of the Transylvania count:

Christopher Lee just plain creeped me out ...

William Marshall was the first black Drac, but he made my skin crawl.

Frank Langella was definitely well dressed, sexy yet frightening. He also probably brought the best acting to the role.

Back in the 70's, Michael Nouri of Flashdance fame, gave me goosebumps (not the frightened kind ...) during his ten-episode portrayal on the TV series, Cliffhangers.

  In the 80's, Eddie Murphy brought back the suave, sensual nature to the part, and he used it well on Angela Bassett in A Vampire in Brooklyn. It just freaked me out that he bore such a strange resemblance to the late R&B singer, Nick Ashford:

Eeeew ....

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise took the vampire thing to another, and in my opinion, very feminine, level in the 1994 Interview with a Vampire.

The Count is my all-time favorite unscary (if that's a word) Dracula. He has spent decades inhabiting Sesame Street.

Now there are two incredibly sexy bloodsuckers that have recently caught my attention ... Bill Compton and Eric Northman, as played by Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård on HBO's True Blood. If you've never seen the show, here's a great article on why these two guys have become so popular -

I'm not sure why we find these scary men sexy, but it's probably because they represent the ultimate bad boys. What do you think?

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Dahlia DW said...

First of all, the comparison between Eddie Murphy as Drac and Nick Ashford is rather frightening....

Also, on a funny note, how does the Count survive on Sesame Street? Whose muppet blood is he sucking? Or is he on a special diet....

Love your blog!