Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sample Sunday

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Dee went to sleep convinced that Rita wanted to talk to her about her blossoming romance with Jonathan. She thought maybe he’d even proposed and Rita needed a sounding board. She looked forward to hearing whatever exciting news Rita had to share.

In the morning when she woke up, Michael wasn’t in the bed. The aroma of coffee told her that he was in the kitchen. She slid her feet into her slippers, tied on her robe and descended the spiral staircase. But the only sign that he’d been there was a carton of Half & Half sitting on the counter.

She called him and didn’t get an answer, so she went to the French doors leading out to the deck and peeked through the blinds. Michael reclined on a chaise drinking a cup of coffee with his shades protecting his eyes from the bright morning sun. Dee frowned at the sight. Her husband never rose before ten o’clock unless he’d set the alarm for an appointment.

“What are you doing out here? It’s only seven o’clock. She walked over to him and tangled her fingers in his sleep-mussed hair. “You couldn’t have slept more than three hours.”

“I didn’t even come upstairs last night, because I didn’t want to wake you.” He said without even looking up at her. “What do you have planned today?”

“I have to meet a possible client at four-thirty to look at a job.” She hated lying to him, but she wanted to keep Rita’s confidence. “Otherwise I’m hanging out with Joe today.”

“He’s not up yet, is he?”

“No, not yet. Do you want some more coffee?”

“That’s okay. I’ll get it.”

“Lie back down. I’m already up,” she volunteered, knowing how tired he must’ve been.

After she’d made herself a cup of tea and refilled his mug, she went back out onto the deck and snuggled up next to him on the chaise.

Michael pulled her close but continued to stare out at the ocean behind his sunglasses. “Do you ever think about what your life would’ve been like if you hadn’t married me?”

“What kind of question is that? We have a wonderful life.” She reached up and touched his cheek. “It’s been a little complicated lately, but it’s nothing we can’t figure out how to fix.”

“Do you ever think about being married to somebody else? Somebody who’s completely different from me?”

She heard an odd sadness in his voice. “No, honey. I don’t. What’s the matter? Where’s this coming from?”

“Sometimes I think if you’d married someone different, you’d be happier. You deserve to be happy, baby.”

“I am happy, Michael. We haven’t been spending enough time together, but if we change our schedules and get you back to church, we can get through this. You’ve been working nonstop for eight months. You’re exhausted and talking crazy. I hate seeing you like this, but I can’t fix it. Only you can do that, and you have to want to fix it. After all, you’re not working to put food on the table. How much you’re involved in the daily operation of the club is up to you. It’s your choice. Right now you need some sleep though. Go back to bed. I’ll wake you up at three.”

“Okay. I’m sorry about all of this, Dee.”

She smiled and kissed him. “Go to sleep,” she said, waving him off to the bedroom.

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