Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sample Sunday

This is the last Sample Sunday excerpt for Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing. Anything else I post would probably contain major spoilers! Cool

Dressed in a casual designer outfit, Bob Kartsonakis fit in well with the early dinner crowd at Lyrics the next evening. Since he was a fit, attractive young Greek, he had no problem mingling with the fashionable subjects he often investigated. With his wavy, black hair combed back from his face and the new Fendi shades he’d comped to the company, he looked like a Lyrics regular when he sat down at the bar to chat with the bartender. His purpose was to watch Michael and observe how he handled himself with the numerous attractive female guests.

“This is a really nice place. Who’s the owner here?”

“His name is Mike Reese,” Jerry answered. “That’s him over there in the black shirt talking to the manager.”

“Big guy. He must work out.”

Jerry laughed. “Yeah, like it’s a religion.”

“Do you think he’d tell me what gym he goes to? I just moved out here, and I’m thinking about starting serious weight training.”

“He’s a member of Sportime over in Quogue, but I’ve heard him mention having a gym in his house,” Jerry offered, totally unaware he was being duped. After he served another guest, Jerry came back down to the end of the bar, and Bob continued their conversation.

“So how long has this club been here?”

“About nine months. In fact, I was one of the first people Mike and Dee interviewed.”

“Who’s Dee?”

“His wife. She’d originally planned to come in with him to manage the club, but she changed her mind. I guess she’s busy enough working and taking care of their baby.”

A family man, Bob thought to himself. This is getting better all the time.

“What is she, an actress or a model or something?”

“No. She’s an interior decorator, I think. I don’t really know her well, but she seems nice. Some of the women don’t seem to like her though. I guess just because she’s black.”

“Hmm,” Bob said offhandedly, deciding to end the conversation before Jerry got suspicious.

Bob finished his dinner, nursed an after dinner drink and coffee but couldn’t drag it out any longer. Unfortunately, Michael had only come into the main room once to greet some special guests and kept himself confined to the office most of the night. But the major part of surveillance was just waiting, so he went out to his car and took a nap. The alarm on his watch woke him at one o’clock. The parking lot was empty with the exception of two cars, one of which was a black Escalade. Bob wanted to change into his “field” clothes before Michael exited. Since Lyrics didn’t close until two o’clock, he drove to all-night coffee shop, bought an extra-large coffee to keep him awake while he waited and then changed his clothes in the men’s room. Now wearing jeans, sneakers and a Perdue sweatshirt, he parked a short distance down the street so Reese wouldn’t notice him sitting in the car.

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