Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Author Spotlight - Angel Washington

Today, I am featuring a very special lady who has heart for children. I met Angel in a Facebook group last year, and I am so impressed with the books she's written to help children deal with difficult situations in their lives.

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, she was reared in a home in which her parents were prominent professionally and in the community. They instilled the importance of love, education, humility and integrity.

I'll let her describe the series...

The Always Remember, You are Loved children's books series was written with the intent to protect the innocent hearts of children. As a mother, I understand that unfortunately, they face a larger struggle than they've ever had to in the past. There are more single parent homes than ever, there's more bullying than ever, there are predators and abusers EVERYWHERE, all of which are attacking our children. The Always Remember, You are Loved children’s book series encourages children to seek out guidance and assistance from parents, mentors and responsible adults when they are faced with difficult situations. Volume One, ARYAL: A Child's Curiosity About the Absentee Parent and Volume Two, ARYAL: A Child's Curiosity About the Loss of a Loved One are currently available.
Volume Three, Always Remember, You are Loved: When a Child Seeks Guidance about Cyber and Peer Bullying will be available Oct. 5, 2012.
Volumes Four and Five, which specifically deal with Emotional/Verbal Abuse, and Inappropriate Touching will be available in Spring 2013.
These books have been supported and endorsed by members of the therapy communities that currently work in the field, as well as being utilized by therapists in their practices.

Excerpt from ARYAL: A Child's Curiosity about the Loss of a Loved One

by Angel D. Washington

What do I do when I'm lonely and my Mommy is gone?

Who do I go to when I need to question what's right and wrong?

I need her, I love her and I miss her so much

I want to hug her and kiss her, I need to feel Mommy's touch...

*************She loved you from the moment she held you in her arms

Your mother’s strength and love will help you carry

She's here in spirit and she’s watching from above

Please, Always Remember, You are Loved…

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Angel said...

I am excited to announce that anyone who orders (or pre-orders) a book between now and 10/28/12 will be entered into a drawing for a Michael Kors handbag, retailed at $198. If you place an order of two or more books, any variation, you will be entered into a drawing for a Coach handbag, retialed at $698. Orders must be placed at - thank you for your support!!!!

Angel said...

(correction) ~retailed~

Dorcas Graham said...

Angel, this sounds so beautiful, I looking forward to reading this!