Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall First Paragraph Party - Day Two


I have some great clips for you today from a variety of new books, so get yourself a cup of coffee, relax and enjoy!

The full moon was reflecting on the shimmering water of the lake. An owl hooting in the distance broke the quiet of the evening and startled the young woman. Momentarily, she was yanked back into an awareness of her surroundings.

A single coherent thought flashed through her mind; what in the hell are you doing out here Angel?

Her vision was pulled once more into darkened oblivion. Her thin night gown swayed against her lithe, supple body as she walked in the pale moon light. Goose bumps raised on her arms as each step carried her closer to the red glow in the grass. Something she couldn't understand or break the hold of was drawing her closer.
Kneeling down she reached into the dew laden tuft of grass. Tendrils of red light reached out and wrapped around her hand. Levitating out of the grass the crystal floated to just above... – from LITURGY by Brian Bigelow

This will also be in a short story compilation coming up soon.


Finally found the missing eighteen dollars, Angela said to herself as she balanced her checkbook in her Money program. I can go to bed now. When she heard her cell phone playing Heard it Through the Grapevine, she saw on the Caller ID it was QTEE. Haven’t heard from you in over a month. Can’t you remember we’re three hours later here in Raleigh than you are in Vegas? She clicked the phone on and said, “Hello Laura,” expecting her friend’s usual “Hello Beautiful,” but a male voice responded.
"Ms. Angela, this is Carlton, Laura’s son. She would have wanted me to tell you. She died last month.”

Angela gasped. “NO. What happened?”

“You probably know she had heart trouble. I went to check on her that day, and she had died in her sleep.” – from TELL THEM I DIED by Sarah Gordon Weathersby

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“What is it that every girl has that every guy wants?” Cicely asked her three cousins, Karen, Brook and Dawn.

They all playfully shrugged. Then Cicely twisted her hips around and wagged her backside to reveal the answer.

“You are so nasty,” Karen said to her.

“But it is so true,” Cicely replied. “It’s like my momma always said, ‘You have to use what you’ve got to get what you want from a man.’”

Of course her mother never really said those words to her directly. Surely that is not something a mother would tell her 12-year-old daughter. Besides, how many 12-year-old girls would know the meaning of that phrase if they happened to hear it? - from "AN ODE FOR ORCHIDS by James Fant

Patricia laid her lime green Gucci bag on the table. Sitting her car keys next to the bag on the table in the foyer, Patricia began to riffle through the stack of letters that she had gotten out of the mailbox. The fourth letter drew her interest and immediate attention. Written in a rushed and somehow distantly familiar handwriting, was her name and address and at the top where the return address should have been it was blank. However, she saw that the postmark was from Atlanta. She never received any mail from Atlanta here at the house, it was always sent to her Post Office Box, so her curiosity was aroused. Tossing the other letters down next to her purse, she sat on the chair next to the table and slipped one Orange Opal manicured fingernail under the envelope’s seal to begin opening it. – from REFLECTIONS OF PROMISES by C. Michelle Ramsey

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White capped waves rocked the sides of the boat. He stumbled forward. He’d only been on a ship once. He and his brother had once been Londoners, shifties who longed for the wilds of Africa. Together they’d boarded a slave ship, taking jobs in the slave trade with no intention of capturing and taking slaves back to work for the rich. It had been their ticket to freedom, a chance to live the life they craved. A life in the wild. The life of a lion. – from UNCAGED by Alisha Page


Sometimes, in relationships, we don’t always know the right way to go, but, in my opinion, when one has made up her mind to do something, it’s best to let it be. In the end, somebody always ends up getting hurt, but I’m choosing not to be the fool. In this case, I have to stay on top of it all.
When that b@#*h showed up at my door, all kinds of s#*t went through my head. Trying to be the bigger woman probably made me look like a damn fool in her eyes. The heart tends to beat to another tune when love is involved, but I wasn’t ready to face the music. I listened to the lies, shed my silent tears. In the end, I am still a winner in my eyes. Destiny played all of her cards until she was down to the last one— me! – from DESTINY IS ALL I NEED by EbonyNicole

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Willow’s phone went off in the folds of her black gown. The dread washed into her from all sides. Not now, she thought. Kyle dabbed at his mouth with the white linen napkin and his gaze dropped to the table surface. Willow fought the urge to cover her phone with her hands, as if he could see the thing through the butter cream tablecloth. From NATURE OF THE BEAST by Stephanie Freeman

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I was born into bondage, she thought, just because I was born a girl. She stared at the ceiling, tears pooling in her eyes. First my parents controlled my life. Then came college, which was only an illusion of freedom. Every decision I made was really my parent's decision, an amalgam of their choices pre-made for me through eighteen years of brainwashing my psyche. I was mindlessly programmed to choose for myself the things my parents had already chosen for me. Like marriage-the tightest shackle with the shortest chain. She turned over and glared at her husband's side of the bed, now empty. Squeezing her eyes shut, she pictured a rich teak box lined with pink silk and wondered if that would be her final prison, or the gateway to the only freedom she would ever know. A kaleidoscope of white dresses with blood-red stains danced through her thoughts like the prequel to a horrifying nightmare and she burrowed deeper under the covers, willing sleep to come. – from The Complete Lily Lansing by Bastian Caldwell

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