Monday, December 3, 2012

Fall First Paragraph Party - Day Three

Today is the last installment of my Fall First Paragraph Party, and I have some more great books for you! If the clip grabs your interest, just click on the buy link to read more. 

Something Real
With the savvy of a lifelong New Yorker, Cesca slid down in the driver's seat as she raised the cell phone to her ear. She was stopped at a red light, or more accurately, at the bequest of the police officer directing traffic. The drive to the midtown bakery had been a nightmare, because apparently every traffic signal north of Sixtieth Street was out of order. At any rate, she doubted that the state law against cell phone use while driving took being stopped into consideration. Best that the policeman directing traffic not see her talking on the phone. Cesca knew that the police were necessary to provide law and order, especially at times like this, but the less direct contact she had with any members of law enforcement, the better. – from SOMETHING REAL by Bettye Griffin
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Kenyatta Copeland felt bile rise in her throat. She looked down at the half-eaten quesadilla she’d ordered for lunch, but couldn’t blame her sickness on that. Her friend Angie chatted happily about some game her daughters had played the night before, oblivious to the lack of interest of her two lunch partners.

She tried swaying from side to side with the Latin music playing in the background of the Mexican restaurant, hoping it would hide her anxiety. But when she caught the eye of Carol, her other friend sitting across from her in the booth, she knew she was busted. It would take a miracle to get through lunch without making Carol suspicious. Carol could sniff out a lie from a mile away.

With a deep breath to calm her rolling stomach, she pulled her hand from her lap and slapped it on the table. - from YOU CAN’T PLAN LOVE by Synithia Williams

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Twisted Sister II: Twisted's Revenge
First paragraph: Holly sat at the foot of her door for what seemed like an eternity. The torment of her time spent with Trent reeling repeatedly in her mind like a slow moving black and white movie; the worst parts of it rolling constantly around the reel. He violated every part of her, and more than that, he breeched the trust she thought she had established with him. Remembering their long conversations; hours spent on the phone sharing their hopes, goals, dreams, past, and possible futures; how he had been with her at work and on their first dates made Holly question her own judgment. Was she that bad a judge of character? She had guarded herself and her heart for a long time after Derrick, and when she finally let’s someone in, this is the end result? – TWISTED SISTER II: Twisted's Revenge by Deidra D. S. Green.
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Blaque Ice
Starting off with some sad story about my past, to justify my present life choices, isn’t my style. Saying my parents didn’t love me enough, that my father was never home, or blaming it on mixing with the wrong crowd, would all be lies. My mother was always there for me, my father hustled for his family; when he was home, he made up for the times he wasn’t. My father had the respect of the streets, especially when his blood flowed on them the night he was taken from us nearly four years ago. Nothing was the same since he passed. My mom kept a smile pasted on her face, but I knew that every night she cried not only for her soul mate, but for my soul. I accept the way my life is. Truth is I enjoy the late nights at the clubs, the respect the power.  - from BLAQUE ICE by Imani Writes
He was going to rape her was all Iyces could think of, she knew that she had to come up with something or her worst nightmares were about to come true but, she didn’t know how to get out of this. He walked over to her and smacked her and it caught her off guard and she fell to the floor; he pulled her up by her hair and stuck his tongue down her throat and she bit down on it. He smacked her again as he spit out blood.
“I’m gonna send Black a got damn message that he’s messing with the wrong guy. He better remove his men from my turf or there will be a war”. He slapped her again; she knew that she had to find a way to get to her gun. Her purse was on the floor and a couple of punches to the gut sent her back to the floor. She was right where she needed to be to get to her gun. As he was taking off his clothes, she snatched her gun from her bag and without a warning; she rolled over and shot him in the damn stomach. She got herself together and she shot him two more times in the damn head while yelling.

She cursed him, grabbed her purse and got out of there because she knew that it was just a matter of time before there would be more trouble to deal with. (Edited for content) – from MY SOUL IS BLEEDING by E’ner

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