Friday, February 8, 2013

Has Nemo found you?

If you're preparing for Nemo, I have five suggestions for you:

1)  Get your supplies (food, water, batteries, candles, matches) before the worst arrives;

2)  Put essentials where you can find them in the dark, if necessary;

3)  Make sure your e-reader/laptop/tablet all have a full charge;

4)  Order my latest releases on Kindle, Nook or Kobo and find out:

     What could make a Hollywood playboy change his ways?
     AIN’T 2 PROUD 2 BEG: Kindle - Kobo - & Nook -  $2.99
     Why do Jan Davis’s daughters have a problem w/ her new man?

     YOU MAKE ME FEEL BRAND NEW: Kindle -  Nook - Kobo - $1.99

5) Cuddle up in your favorite chair and ride out storm with a Chicki Brown novel!

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