Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Writer Wednesday - Author Spotlight

Author Danielle Bienvenu is sitting in the author spotlight today.

Danielle is a professional author (Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess, and poetry (Le Beau Coeur- The Beautiful Heart). She wrote her debut novel, Against All Odds: The Ruby Princess, at fourteen years old and published it at seventeen.

She enjoys playing guitar to her own beat, dancing in grocery store aisles and singing whenever the urge strikes. Danielle often travels with pen in hand.

Danielle currently resides in Texas where she teaches dance & exercise. She lives with her two dogs: Annabelle and Toby. She is also a member of Faith Writers, an online forum for Christian writers. She is best known for her mystery and psychological thrillers, romance novels, poetic symbolism, and works against social injustices.
Here's an excerpt from Sarah's Secret, Danielle's latest release:

Elijah stilled himself. Once he had been eighteen years old. He was just a kid full of ideas and dreams, dreams of a peaceful world. Ideas of protecting home and making everyone he ever cared about proud. And they would have been proud if they were still alive. Elijah swallowed hard as the memory of home penetrated his senses. They were bittersweet memories of his father playing catch with him. His mother was gone, killed by a drunk driver when she and his father were bringing Elijah’s birthday cake home. Somehow his father managed to survive. Elijah was seven years old. Guilt engulfed him just for a moment and just like boot camp, Elijah pushed himself through the pain and focused on his dad. He’d been bound to a wheelchair as a result of the accident. There wasn’t happiness and smiles that day, no mother to share the birthday cake with. There was just emptiness. It didn’t matter how many years passed since the day he lost his mother. Elijah could still see the ache in his father’s eyes. He’d never forget the look of desperation, not as long as he lived. It was something Elijah grew accustomed to seeing in Afghanistan. Soldiers fighting for freedom, fighting to protect the country they honored and the family they loved while being racked with desperation to return to them. It was a desperation to survive. Everyone in the desert had something to live for. The terrorists had their dreams for murdering innocent lives in the name of their god. They were determined to bring down the “infidel.” Elijah’s buddies had their dreams to get the job done and return home to their wives and kids. But Elijah had no one to go home to. And so he fought.
* * *
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