Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Author Spotlight - Diane Brown

My guest today is a unique woman who has written a unique book that is definitely worth your reading time. 

Diane Malakia Brown was born in the Mpumalanga, South Africa and grew up between Swaziland and South Africa. She attended the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg where she achieved a Bachelor of Arts and later acquired additional qualifications through other institutions. 

She has had an illustrious and rewarding professional life through consulting and leadership roles with government, non profit, private and international organisations. She enjoys travelling and has always wanted to write books.

Now in her forties, her life long dream was realized when she was published in 2013. Her first book "The Sabi" has been receiving high accolades from readers around the world and has already been featured in some media outlets. Her next two works will be published in 2014

“Apartheid, South Africa.You’ve probably seen the footage of the violence and discrimination on the media of what black South Africans were subjected to but, what is left out  is the entrenched and ingrained after effects of being exposed to such a violent system that has permeated into the very being of South African people, their homes and families. My story is a personal account of what it really means to be a South African having been exposed to this system. Just like Hiroshima, the effects on the people who were exposed it are devastating, ugly , long term and effect their daily lives." - Diane Brown

She does not know how, but has a sabi from her earliest memory that she was different. What she does know is that 'difference' had currency in the past, and it certainly still has currency today. In her debut novel, Diane Brown takes a scenic and open-eyed walk down memory lane to the 1960's when apartheid was in full swing to the early 1990's when South Africa was beginning to sense freedom. She ventures further back in time to help solve the puzzle of the current time, how did South Africa become so angry and so violent? Writing from the heart to relate the events of her childhood and adolescence, the author takes you on a journey that will make you cry and laugh along with her as she tried to make sense of her life, the people around her and the system into which she was born. She is no doubt left extremely vulnerable and exposed in relating this account of her life. This honesty is anchored in an easy writing style which is deeply reflective, with an acute sense of contextual reasoning. She reflects on the news of the day in a 'free' country, tainted with the heavy stench of death, violence and abuse and notes that all too familiar script. She finally realises... Her story must be told.

The Sabi will definitely have an effect on you and stay with you for many days long after you have read it .The style in which Diane has written the book, allows the reader to hold her hand throughout her journey. You will laugh, cry, celebrate and even mourn with her.

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Tea norman said...

Thank you. Can't get over the book cover.

Dalia Florea said...

This sound like an amazing story to read. I love reading books of different genres.

Dalia Florea said...

This sound like an amazing story to read. I love reading books of different genres.

J.L. Campbell said...

Sounds like a fascinating read.

Arlena Dean said...

Wow this was some read. Thanks for sharing!

Diane Malaika Brown said...

Tea Norman thanks for the comment. It took weeks to decide on the cover. After many ideas and sketches, this one emerged and really captured what the book was about. It is a book about truths, and in the end the cover needed to reflect this.
Dalia, J.L and Arlena I have had amazing responses from people around the world about this book which has affirmed both the path that I have taken to write, and the story that I needed to tell. I have had skype conversations with some readers that have literally touched my soul as I have seen reflection and healing reciprocated in those moments. I realise everyday that this is no longer my story but indeed that of millions of women and millions of black people - no matter where they live.

I hope you get to read the book and that it will be a rewarding experience for you.
Thanks once again for all your comments. With much appreciation - Diane Malaika