Sunday, November 10, 2013

Marc finally has his say...

What’s up? I’m Marc Stafford. And since everybody else has given their opinion, I figured I might as well. This visit home has turned out to be more than I expected.

My mother was happy to see me, as usual, but my father still has a bug up his butt about my decision to leave medical school and change my major to exercise kinesiology. Even though I’m now running a very successful personal training business and have several celebrity clients, he’s still not pleased.

The best part about this visit was meeting Gianne.  When I saw this sepia-skinned beauty with very short platinum blonde hair sipping from her glass with plump wine-colored lips, I couldn’t move. She’s small and delicate, yet she still stood out in the room full of well-dressed, attractive women. Meeting her turned the whole miserable night around.

Since I’m only going to be in town for three more days, I have to figure out a way to see her again. I think I’ve come up with a way to do that…

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