Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Author Spotlight - Phoenix Rayne

My feature author for today is Phoenix Rayne. Phoenix was born in the small community of Federal Way, Washington. Currently she resides in Nashville, Tennessee where she is a student as well as a writer. Phoenix has penned three novels with G-Street Chronicles. When not writing you can find her in a shoe store shopping or catching a good movie.
Her new release is entitled Wounded Love.


It appears that Cricket and Jyme have it all together now. They have a house, serenity, safety…a normal life. But something always seems to take Cricket back to her past…sometimes, her future requires it.
The floor was crazy that night; there was a convention in town and it seemed like everybody was in the casino. All of the workers apparently knew what happened between Trey and me; everyone was hugging, squeezing, or smiling a sad smile in my direction. Even Misty, in the cash cage, looked like she had been crying for me. She had held me up at the cash cage talking about how she had a little house down in Florida. She told me that no one knew about it, not even her husband. She hugged me, and I looked away through the cage out at the floor. I was fighting back my tears.

As I did, I saw a man with a black blazer, denim jeans, and a hat. He reminded me so much of Jyme; his copper skin and his height. I squeezed my eyes shut, patted Misty on her back, and told her thanks. I felt like a charity case, and I hated that. I was on my second break for the night and I went back to the suite to freshen up my makeup.

After I finished with my makeup, I shut the front door to the suite and headed for the elevators. I saw two men at the end of the hall dressed in suits. They saw me and froze; I stopped and then I took one step back. They stared at me, and I was staring right back at them. I slid my key out of my purse slowly; one of them saw me and sprinted toward me. He took long quick strides. I unlocked the door and shut it quickly behind me; putting the latch on the door. I ran to my room and slid a chair under the knob so that it would not turn. I yanked the phone off the table and I called security.

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Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Wow! I loved the excerpt. Thanks for posting.

Barbara Joe Speaks said...

Wow! I enjoyed the excerpt. Thanks for posting.

phoenix rayne said...

Make sure you check out Heels of Love first. Wounded Love is book two of the From Love to Loathe Series.

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

Congrats on your new release, Phoenix. I wish you great success. Best wishes.