Thursday, September 11, 2014

Word of mouth

Recently I've read online posts by traditional authors which are critical of authors like myself who have chosen to forego doing signings and other personal appearances in lieu of online events. They say, "How can an author meet readers if they refuse to leave the house?" 

Well, I think that question is an exaggeration, since most of us "cyberauthors" do leave the house and interact with people on a regular basis, but we just don't do many organized events. Personally, I have done several library events, and although I did enjoy them, they proved to be very limiting. Unless you are a big name author, a book signing is likely to bring in twenty people, if you're lucky. Talking to a group of twenty (or less) people in a room just doesn't appeal to me the way doing a real-time Facebook party or other online event does. 

In the next month, I am scheduled to participate in three events. The first is a meeting with the United Sister's Bookclub which has 2,395 members. Granted, I understand that all of these "members" won't be present at my all-day Author Takeover tomorrow, but our interaction will be open to way more than 20 or even 200 people in a physical room.

These events usually involve lively discussions, and I do mean lively. In the past, I've often had trouble trying to type fast enough to answer all of the participant's comments and questions! It's a dialogue in which everyone gets to have their say, which is contrary to your typical signing where people raise their hands and ask questions.  

Many traditional authors really don't understand, or they refuse to acknowledge that there are different ways of doing things now. Although there is nothing wrong with book signings, authors no longer need to rely on the old methods as the only ones that work for marketing and promotion.

I love interacting with readers, and I've found online events one of the best ways to do it. Looking forward to meeting with the United Sisters Bookclub tomorrow, Shades of Rose Media Summer Book Event on Saturday, and participating in the Killer Romances launch party on the 16th!


Ey Wade said...

Sounds like a winning way to promote yourself. The potential reach is far and continuous just because of the internet and the longevity of links.
Congratulations and best of sells.

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku said...

Oh yes, there are so many ways to market and promote in this social media and advanced technology age.

You are on track, Chicki. I'll love to carry out an Author takeover someday. Sounds exciting. Having to answer so many questions from readers would be great.

Good luck!