Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Release Spotlight - Loving Night

Today I am proud to feature the brand new release from my friend, Brynette Turner! She writes romantic stories with a metaphysical edge.

Here a blurb about the book:

Chaz took a desk job at the FBI to protect the woman he loves from the psychic connection that pulls her into the middle of his dangerous investigations. Yet, when he is forced to lead another undercover assignment, she must be the one to keep him safe.

Stephanie’s gift of having dreams that become real is evolving, but neither she nor Chaz understands these changes until an old enemy that she fears appears in new dreams.

Paul Watkins is a dangerous criminal from an old case, and he still wants Chaz dead. But will Chaz and Stephanie be strong enough to figure out what she’s supposed to do to help him in time? Will they survive Watkins and the evil that always surrounds him?

Excerpt from Loving Night: Dream Catcher Series – Book 2

“Eggs will be ready in a couple of minutes.” She gave him a weak smile before turning her attention back to the stove. “I forgot to buy jelly, so there’s only honey for the biscuits.”
A few minutes later, she dumped half of the eggs onto each plate and joined Chaz at the table where he was already munching on a slice of bacon. She could feel him staring at her as he chewed and she took her time spreading butter on the fluffy bread. How she phrased her next words would be very important.
“I dreamed about your job. Steve is in town, even though you didn’t expect to see him yet. He’s a great guy, Chaz. I’m glad he’ll be the person helping with your transition. You’ll make a wonderful team leader.” She looked directly into his eyes now. “I don’t know how your going undercover again will affect our marriage, so I’m a little concerned. But, it’s our destiny to be together, Chaz, so we’ll be all right.” She paused briefly and let out a sigh. “You should take the job.”
He nodded and took a sip of juice. His eyes never left hers.
“What if I don’t want the job? Your dream told you what’s going to be discussed, but did it tell you how I feel?”
“Conflicted,” she answered.
“That’s right. This might be a good decision for my career, but honestly, I don’t want to be away from you,” he admitted. “I also don’t want to miss celebrating one single special moment with our child. I want to be on the floor teaching her to roll a ball and holding her hands while she’s learning to balance and taking her first steps. She’ll need to hear my voice reading goodnight stories from the moment she comes home from the hospital and feel my hands cuddling her when she’s grouchy from teething. She needs to know how much love is in my heart just for her. She deserves that; I deserve it.” He reached across the table and linked his fingers with his wife’s. “Besides, I don’t want you being a single parent for months at a time—and that’s what it might be. We’re building this life together, Stephanie. Together.” He stood and pulled her into his arms.
“When you were in Pennsylvania and I was here without you, part of my soul was missing, sweetheart. We were both miserable.” He kissed her very lightly. “I don’t want us to go through that again.” Another kiss. “And I don’t want you to be afraid, or lonely, or overwhelmed. I’ll figure out my career; there has to be another way. Leaving you isn’t worth it.”

Stephanie tightened her arms around him. What he said sounded wonderful. But she knew what she had seen, and her gift was rarely wrong. She returned his kisses and kept quiet.

Available on - and on her web site - Special release sale price $1.99 for a limited time.


Sharon Cunningham Cooper said...

Nice excerpt! Can't wait to check out the book!

Brynette L. Turner, Author said...

Thank you Sharon! If you're looking for the paperback, it's easy to buy it from my bookstore. Plus you can have it autographed if you want. Brynette's Book Boutique is at Happy Reading!

Chelle Ramsey said...

Awesome excerpt! Thanks for sharing, Chicki. I have my copy now. :)
Best wishes Brynette.

Brynette L. Turner, Author said...

Thank you Chelle. Enjoy!