Thursday, November 10, 2016

New Release Spotlight!

My former critique partner and face-to-face friend, M.J. Kane has a brand new release in her Butterfly Memoirs series! This series has received wonderful reviews, and I am proud to introduce you to Book Five, entitled Alone.

About the book:

When Derrick’s brother drives the family business into bankruptcy, Derrick is left without a job and only one choice: start over. With a new job waiting in Atlanta, the only other thing he’s looking for is a woman who’s willing to fit his no-strings-attached relationship policy. But then he runs into Kelli, a woman with a smart mouth who challenges him in every way. She’d be perfect … if it weren’t for the fact she had kids. 
Shortly after giving birth to her son, Kelli’s husband announced that he wanted a divorce. Forced to move in with her newlywed sister, Kelli is faced with raising two young children on her own, finding affordable housing, and landing a job that will pay her bills. The last thing she needs or wants is a man in her life. But when her brother-in-law’s best friend shows up for dinner, it’s impossible to ignore the sexual attraction. 
Fate and finances have another plan, though, forcing them into living under the same roof. Despite their differences, Derrick finds himself breaking his own relationship rules. But as his luck would have it, just when he thinks he’s ready to make a commitment, tragedy strikes close to home and, with it, issues from his past that force him to risk it all. 

Here's a snippet:

“Well, well, look at what the cat dragged in.”

I turned and expected to see Trevon’s wife, Kai, but instead faced her sister. The first time we’d come face-to-face had been during the renovations. She was in charge of interior decorating, while I was in charge of renovating the entire restaurant. A delay in the work schedule had had her fuming. She’d searched me out and jumped down my throat, demanding my crew be finished so she could keep to her interior decorating schedule before she had her baby. She had been heavy with child and bore a pregnancy glow. She’d had the baby by the time I came back for the wedding.

But today…

“Kelli, you look…” Unable to help myself, my gaze traveled the length of her body. All the baby weight was gone and damn, she was fine.

She wore a pair of ripped jeans, a T-shirt, and her feet were bare. Long jet-black hair rested on her shoulders and cat-shaped eyes drew my attention.

“I look what?” A hand went to her hip as a thin eyebrow arched.

She may have had her baby, but she still had the attitude.

Before I could respond, a little girl, the spitting image of Kelli, ran to the doorway and tugged on her shirt. “Mommy, Aunty said the timer went off on the stove.”

Kelli ran a hand over the little girl’s head. “Okay, tell her I’ll be there in a second and that Uncle Tre’s friend is here.”

The little girl looked at me. Her eyes widened as her head went back to take in my full height.

Kelli clicked her teeth. “What do you say, Christina?”

The little girl snapped back to attention. “Hello.” She grinned, then ran off to deliver her messages.

Kelli’s attention came back to me. “You were saying?”

I cleared my throat. “The last time I saw you was at Kai and Trevon’s wedding. You look nice.”

“And what, I looked like a crazy person then?” She stepped aside and directed me to come in.

I wasn’t taking the bait. “No, I was going to say−”

She laughed; the musical quality struck a chord inside of me. “I probably did. I was breastfeeding a three-month-old while trying to play maid of honor. It was crazy.” She breezed past me and walked down the hallway. I followed, unable to take my eyes off her waist and hips as they swayed. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t trying to be sexy, but in those fitted jeans….

I ran a thumb over my brow and forced myself to look away and remember she was a married woman. As much as I appreciated a woman’s anatomy, there was at least one line I didn’t cross. Married women were completely off-limits.

The smell of cooked food grew stronger as we neared the kitchen, and my stomach growled. It was the perfect distraction.

“Hungry?” Kelli glanced over her shoulder.

Damn, those eyes of hers were sexy as hell.


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