Thursday, January 5, 2017

Paradigm shift

If you read my last entry, you could tell that I'm undergoing some kind of attitude change. I've been writing now for sixteen years and have been published since 2010. During these years I have worked incredibly hard learning about the industry, studying the craft, trying to become a marketing maven, and it has paid off. 

It's rare that I write about my feelings, which is the reason I don't journal. Navel-gazing does not appeal to me even a little bit. What I've been feeling lately, though, deserves to be addressed.  
Perhaps this came about because of the tremendous amount of negativity in our world that seemed to escalate more and more by the end of 2016. Or maybe it was because of the cancer diagnosis I received. I don't know, but I sensed something changing in my mind/heart - a new creative desire.

Now that doesn't mean I'm going to start doing oil painting or trying my hand at fashion design, but it does mean I am suddenly more invested in my writing. I want to find ways to get into the heads of my characters so I can know them better. I want to learn more about writing better description that will draw my readers into my stories. 

Last night, while trying to decide which book to read out of the six dozen on my Kindle TBR collection, it occurred to me that I need to revisit those books that made an impression on me and re-read them this time with an author's eye to understand why the writing resonated so strongly with me. 

Even though there are many authors whose writing I love, during the past couple of years Nia Forrester holds the #1 spot, so Ms. Forrester's Commitment series is going to be my syllabus. 


The Commitment Series
Commitment (Book I) Kindle: Nook:
Unsuitable Men (Book II) Kindle: Nook:
Maybe Never (Book III) Kindle: Nook:

* * * * * * * * * *

The Afterwards Series (based on the Commitment Series)
Afterwards (Book I) Kindle: Nook:
Afterburn (Book II) Kindle: Nook:

The Come Up
Kindle: Nook:


Toshi J said...

Thoughtful and insightful. I believe it's a combination, and you're pushing to be better than you were.

Chicki Brown said...

Thank you, Toshi. We have to move with what we feel on the inside, and I'm really feeling this right now. :)