Monday, January 30, 2017

What I'm reading...

Over the weekend I finished reading Nia Forrester's Young, Rich and Black. Since I haven't been very consistent with posting about my reading, you may not know that she is one of my top three favorite authors. 

I'd been waiting with baited breath for her to release something new, and this novella, which is the latest addition to her Afterwards series, hit the spot. The story follows Deuce Scaife, the son of one of her previous characters.

I absolutely suck at writing reviews, so I'm going to take the liberty of copying a great review from another reader, SabrinaS (on

Sometimes, I get in a reading "slump". I'd been in one for a couple of months before I picked Young, Rich And Black out of my queue of newly purchased books to read. Nia Forrester is a go-to for me and has been from the moment I read Commitment. To expect that she'd be able to free me wasn't unreasonable.

It's HOW she does it that is so freakin' amazing! I love this author's voice. There is something about how she weaves a story that not only pulls you in...but envelopes you into that reading place where you realize you've been not just pulled in, - but fully immersed in the world of her beautifully, expertly, complex and artfully flawed characters. I almost didn't read this story because I knew that Chris "Deuce" Scaife, Jr. was young. I thought "how could a story about someone so young compete with the likes of the couples this author has so perfectly captured in her other novels?" I'm here to say that Deuce and Zora's story is no exception - you forget that they are super young because they're developed and focused in a way that transcends chronological age - they're just two exceptional people in a present day struggle. A struggle that isn't just about love - but about choices.

Choosing to read this book is one of the smartest choices I've made this year. It was exceptional."
If you're looking for a wonderful read, you can get Young, Rich and Black here - 

And you can check out Nia's other fabulous books on her web site:

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