Monday, June 5, 2017


My sisterscribe, Theresa Hodge is having a sale on the latest installment in her series! 

Sale Dates: June 4th-7th for 0.99.
Noelle's Rock 5


Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…" All that Erick Gordon loves can easily be lost, if he doesn’t change this fact about Shelby Monroe. The end is near...much closer than he realizes. World War III, also known as Shelby Monroe, will ensue if he doesn't come to his senses and soon. But the events from a horrible day in his past, paralyzes him every time he thinks of proposing to the woman he loves.

Shelby realizes her worst fear of forever being a bridesmaid and never a bride. While others close to her celebrate their new marriages, she simmers in resentment of being single. Will she abandon the loving relationship she's built with Erick because of her demand to be a bride? Or will Eric's love for her be strong enough to forgive his past and give in to the desires of the only heart that beats in sync with his?

Shelby and Erick must learn that love means patience, endurance, forgiveness and most of all taking chances. Follow the friends of Noelle and Beau Barringer in this enthralling tale of Shelby's Demand in book 5 of the Noelle's Rock series.



Author Theresa Hodge said...

Thank you do much!

Chicki Brown said...

You are so welcome! I hope it brings you some new readers. :D